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    Apple will use OLED display on all models from 2019

    While everyone is expecting to see three new iPhone models this year, two with OLED screens and a cheaper model using LCD, a new report says that Apple will use all-OLED line-up from 2019. The biggest OLED manufacturers currently are LG Display and Samsung Display. The industry expects that a completely OLED iPhone lineup might mean the trend will spread to midrange devices of competitors, therefore boosting the average retail price.

    Apple put an OLED display on a phone for the first time in the iPhone X last year. The news did not end well for its current LCD supplier Japan Display (JDI) which saw its shares plummet with 10% by the end of the day. Japan Display currently is not producing OLED panels but is planning to start by 2019 if it finds investment to launch a production line.

    Apple to use OLED on all 2019 iPhones

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