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    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is coming on October 17

    The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update now has a release date: Presumably on October, the exact date is 17. The software giant has been testing Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for the majority of the year, and it includes a number of features and changes. And last week Microsoft started finalizing the release with the release of Insider Preview Buil 16275.

    This update is big since it includes support for new "mixed reality headsets" that let you step inside of Windows, so long as your computer is powerful enough to support it. The company said that its partners' Windows Mixed Reality headsets will start to roll out on the same day, which should make it feel like Christmas in October for anyone interested in XR. Headsets will be coming from Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and HP with prices starting at $299. These headsets don't need any external tracking boxes; they'll just plug into your PC with an HDMI and USB cable, or in Dell's case, a single USB Type-C cable.

    Microsoft had planned some far bigger features for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, but the company ended up delaying most of them to the next update planned early next year. A new Timeline feature has been cut, which will eventually let Windows 10 users switch between multiple devices, including Android and iOS phones. A universal clipboard feature for copying data between phones and PCs has also been delayed. Story Remix's best features were also pulled out of the Fall Creators Update, though Microsoft corporate VP for Photos and Videos Chris Pratley said that they'll be available via the Windows Store. On the gaming front, Microsoft said that the update will improve Game Mode by allowing "your games to use the full processing power of your device as if it was an Xbox game console, right from a new button on the Game bar."

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