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    Apple terminates 6th gen iPod Nano service and repair

    Ahead of Apple 8 announcement, Apple this week has added another product to its obsolete category: the sixth-generation iPod nano. The Cupertino giant announced last week that it will no longer service or repair the device moving forward. as per its own repair and servicing policy that states devices are only supported for 5 years after production ends. Introduced in September 2010, sixth-generation Nano got rid of the latter, the very thing that made the iPod great. In its place, a 1.54-inch square touchscreen that showed off software that was reminiscent of iOS.

    According to reports, Apple sent a memo to Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers on August 30 to inform that the 6th-generation iPod nano has been added to the vintage and obsolete products list, which means that it no longer receives repairs and servicing at its own stores. This shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise., though Apple regularly adds older products to its “vintage and obsolete” product category and it discontinued the entire iPad nano and iPod shuffle brands earlier this year.

    What’s interesting about the sixth-generation iPod nano is it could be viewed as the early version of the tech giant’s very successful Apple Watch smartwatch series. For one thing, third-party straps and accessories were released for the square-shaped device, and they basically turned the iPod nano into something akin to current smartwatch models.

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