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    List of all US carriers Samsung Galaxy S7 edge deals at a glance

    Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is considered as the best smartphone of 2016 by many pundits and tech experts. Though the phone was released in Q1 2016, it is still a capable flagship phone is every aspect. Not only it's capable but what makes it sweeter is its price. As numerous new android phones were released over the course of last 18 months, Price/Value chart will make Galaxy S7 edge the number 1 phone currently in the market. And if you are wondering about its feature list over 2017 phones then I can assure you very few phones have dual edge display and 3600mAh battery. Obviously, you can;t get out of a 2016 display but the 5.5-inch display used in S7 edge is still far superior to the most of the latest phone's display except a few cases.

    So I've decided to compile all the available Samsung Galaxy S7 edge offering from different US carriers in a single page. Hope this will help you decide which is best for you in the case of you are a potential S7 edge deal searcher like me. Personally, i always prefer a generation older device for the best value of my investment.


    AT&T offers 4 color variants of Galaxy S7 edge: Blue Coral, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium and Black Onyx. In all cases, it will cost you $23.17 per month (30 months) in you choose installment or $694.99 one time retail price. AT&T also offers pre-owned Galaxy S7 edge in Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium, and Black Onyx color. It's only available in retail one-time pricing, which is $449.99.

    You can also buy the device from Amazon. In that cases, prices will be a little bit lower. There is numerous offer you can find there. So I've put the official offers here.

    1. 32GB Black Onyx for 499 USD
    2. 32GB Silver Titanium for 489 USD
    3. 32GB Gold Platinum for 479 USD


    Unfortunately, T-Mobile doesn't have any brand new Galaxy S7 edge at this moment of writing in their inventory. They are only selling certified pre owned devices. And as for color option, they are offering only Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium variant. You can own the S7 edge by paying a one-time fee of $456. Or you can pay $19 for 24 months to get the device. Another interesting offering is you can pay $360 now and then pay $4 per month for 24 months. In either case, you will have to bear $25 SIM Starter Kit.

    Amazon is also offering the device for T-Mobile in the same way. They also don't offering any brand new devices with only two color variants in stock. The only advantages is the price is $30 lower.

    1. 32GB Gold Platinum for 429 USD
    2. 32GB Gold Platinum for 429 USD


    Verizon is also doing the business of Galaxy S7 edge in T-Mobile's way. There is no new device to sell so Verizon is also only selling the certified pre owned version of S7 edge. There are three color options are available: Blue Coral, Gold Platinum, and Silver Titanium. You can pay one-time retail fee of $500 or pay $20.83 for 24 months to get hold of a S7 edge. Here you have to pay $30 activition fee at the time of buying your phone.

    In Amazon, i found some brand new device offering for Galaxy S7 edge. I've included all for your convenience.

    1. 32GB Black Onyx for 550 USD
    2. 32GB Silver Titanium for 500 USD
    3. 32GB Black Onyx Refurbished for 330 USD
    4. 32GB Gold Platinum Refurbished for 332 USD


    Lucky at last. Sprint has two color option of brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge for you. The Black Onyx and Blue Coral version of S7 edge will cost you $695 if you want to pay once. Or you can grab the device for $28.96 per month for 18 months in their Flex lease option where you have to pay the remaining after that period. There is also an interesting option of paying $150 for buying and paying $20.63 per month for 18 months in Flex lease. Here also you have to pay $30 activation fee but there is an option of redeeming this fee if you order the device from online.

    In Amazon, both brand new and refurbished offers are available for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. here are some of these-

    1. 32GB Silver Titanium New for 547 USD
    2. 32GB Gold Platinum Refurbished for 300 USD
    3. 32GB Black Onyx Refurbished for 290 USD
    4. 32GB Pink Gold Refurbished for 340 USD
    5. 32GB Silver Titanium Refurbished for 375 USD

    US Cellular

    US Cellular also has brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in their inventory. And like AT&T they also have all four variants of S7 edge available in their stock even though Gold Platinum and Black Onyx inventories are running low at this moment. At installment, you can buy the device on $15 per month payment for 30 months or on prepaid you can buy the device at straight $400 along with simple connect plan.

    Amazon is not offering any of US Cellular devices so it is not wise to scroll there.

    Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

    Many of us prefer unlocked international version of a mobile phone. In that case, Amazon is your obvious choice.

    1. 32GB Silver Titanium Unlocked for 495 USD
    2. 32GB Gold Platinum Unlocked for 495 USD

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