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    How to find legacy application uninstall option after latest Windows 10 update

    Well, we have used Windows application manager since we started using Windows. In Windows XP it was known as Add/Remove programs, From Windows Vista, it's surfaced as Programs and Features. Since then we are always accustomed with the name. And Microsoft always maintained several ways to browse this option. One is obviously from Control Panel. And another one is from Windows Explorer's top menu. There's always a settings button directly linking to the programs option for a long time. And most of the users found this method very handy. Because general Windows users are not habituated to go to control panel to do anything at all.

    But things got a little bit complicated from the introduction of Windows 8's Metro UI. As conventional start menu is gone, most of the users are forced to use windows explorer's programs link more and more. In Windows 10, the start menu came back but not in its original form. So most of the users have to maintain their habit of using windows explorer option, which is now known as 'Uninstall or change a program'.

    Legacy Program Uninstall option in latest Windows

    Everything was fine so far. Microsoft took drastic action to force Metro UI upon the users in Windows 8. But soon they realized it was a mistake and revert some of the features in Windows 8.1. Then with the introduction of Windows 10, more legacy features were back and people appreciated the effort. In Windows 10, Start menu has a control panel button, which is the link of new UI based control panel and you can also right click the start menu and have the option for the legacy control panel. Keep in mind that, in Windows 10, Control panel is known as Settings. So don't get me wrong. We are familiar with the name Control Panel, that's why I am using it.

    Windows 10 Start Menu right-click

    But when you are upgraded to latest Windows 10 version which is Version 1703 with a build number of 15063, the option of going to legacy uninstall program option via Windows explorer is removed. The option is there, but it's now redirecting you to latest Settings menu introduced in Windows 10 which is looks like this-

    Latest program uninstall settings in Windows 10

    I absolutely hate this. The main reason is the decade old option was and is fine. It showed me everything. And I loved it. Then there is one major problem with the new option. It displays Microsoft's Store apps and increased the number of entries in the list. It should be fine if Microsoft has given me the option to remove or uninstall these programs. When you click a store apps you should see something like this-
    Uninstall option is faded out in most of store apps

    Why the hell Microsoft included store apps in the list if there is nothing to uninstall? I don't get it. 1st you removed the legacy option and you added garbage in the list. How intelligent! And at the same time right clicking on start menu won't bring classical control panel any longer. It also opens settings option!

    So in this post, I am going to teach you how to use legacy application uninstall option after latest Windows 10 update of 1703. there are two ways to do it. At first, via clicking Uninstall or change a program in Windows explorer you will be landed on new settings option. And in the top right of the screen, you will see Programs and Features under Related settings column. Clicking this link will bring you the legacy uninstall option. But if this related settings column is not shown at first then keep in mind that you might need to full screen this windows in order to make that column appear.

    I hope this guide will help you. Tell me if you faces wny problem or if you want to know any other things related to Windows 10. As an Windows Insiders, I hope i can help you on any topics.

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