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    How Ryzen 5 1600X compares with Intel Kaby Lake-X Core i5-7640X

    AMD has made a huge impact with Ryzen series processors by bringing a full range of affordable octa-core chips to the market, but many of us are more interested in how $249 priced Ryzen 5 1600X will elevate the mainstream computing scene. This inexpensive CPU is offering four cores and unlocked overclocking potential like its bigger Ryzen 7 brother. On the other hand new Core X series processor from Intel, the Core i5 7640X is the most affordable one for the X299 platform costing $242. This LGA 2066 Processor provides computing performance for a desktop system by offering four cores that operate at a stock speed of 4.0 GHz and can achieve a maximum turbo frequency of up to 4.2 GHz while running intensive tasks. This Kaby Lake-X processor is unlocked, which lets you overclock the processor over its maximum speed.

    So this two CPUs are quite closely matched in terms of pricing, but how perfectly they fit in terms of performance? Which one you should buy? I am trying to give you some logical explanations in this article. Let's start with the basic specs of this 2 CPUs followed by three popular benchmarks scored.

    CPU Specifications


    Boost Clock

    L3 Cache

    PCI-E Lanes



    Intel Core i5-7640X

    4 / 4

    4.0 / 4.2





    Ryzen 5 1600X

    6 / 12

    3.6 / 4.0





    Benchmark Scores


    CPU Benchmark

    Cinebench R15

    HandBreak FPS

    Intel Core i5-7640X




    Ryzen 5 1600X




    If you have eyes, then I think the conclusion I can come is to maintain my silence. Really? Is it a comparison chart by any means? By the way, give me one second before writing down anymore thing. With any CPU, you have to buy a compatible motherboard, right? As Core i5-7640X lies on the high end LGA2066 socket bases X299 platform, the minimum price of this series motherboard is currently as low as $220. Because Intel always charges higher than usual for its high-end chipset. But as Ryzen's AM4 socket is more conventional than Threadripper TR4, so you can buy this series motherboard as low as $60. So if you are willing to buy a featureistic motherboard, you should have plenty of cash on your hand. But for Core i5-7640X, $220 will get you only a basic motherboard.

    Now time for my real thought. For your better understanding, I am writing it by point.

    First, for the sake of this comparison, yes, the price of both processors are same. Intel is asking $242 and AMD is asking $249 for their corresponding CPU. But in contrary, when you add the price of beginner motherboard you have to pay $160 more just to put down your CPU on the motherboard's socket! So don't forget it.

    Second, Both CPUs are overclockable, so it's safe to assume a tie here. AMD Ryzen 5 uses 95-watt TDP where Intel CPU's TDP is 112-watt.

    Third, well from this point on, my entire article is going to be one sided. First, take core count into account. Intel's Core i5-7640X consists of 4 cores where AMD Ryzen 5 1600X has 6 cores. It's a huge difference itself. Not only that. Intel's CPU does not support hyperthreading, so it means you will get 4 cores and 4 threads where Ryzen 5 has 6 cores and 12 threads. Well, the base clock speed of Intel's CPU is 4.0GHz where AMD's CPU runs at 3.6GHz. It's an advantage for Intel..... sort of!

    Fourth, After GHz let's take L3 cache into account. Well, this time AMD simply demolishes Intel. Where Intel's CPU has 6MB of cache, AMD puts 16MB inside its Ryzen 5! It's actually funny how a similarly priced CPU has 3X times more cache than its counterpart where the opposition is claiming to use the latest high-end architecture.

    Fifth, Both CPU has 16 lanes PCI Express and DDR4-2666MHz support. So it's an easy tie here for both parties.

    Sixth, Time to enter the benchmark part. It's again a one-way ride, where AMD not only beats Intel but also destroys as well. In Cinebench R15 Ryzen 5 scores 1260, where Intel i5-7640X only manages to achieve 640. Is this really happening? How do AMD doing it! Then in CPU Benchmark dot net's test, AMD Ryzen 5 1600X scored a whopping 13122 point. The exact score of Core i5-7640X is not rated yet but by considering its predecessor and successor model I am assuming that it will score a point around 9500. Scoring a point over 10000 is highly unlikely. Then in HandBrake test, AMD Ryzen 5 1600X achieved 15.4 FPS where Intel Core i5-7640X manage to get only 10.7 FPS.

    So I can confidently say one thing. There is nothing to decide between Intel Kaby Lake-X Core i5-7640X and AMD Ryzen 1600X. Though the both CPU is similarly priced, AMD CPU beats Intel one in every test so easily that it's hard to believe. Overall AMD Ryzen 5 costs less than Intel Core i5, but at the same time it's delivering double and in some cases triple performances, which no one can't ignore.

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