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    Verizon US offering Google Pixel duo for almost $300 discount

    Google Pixel deals aren't a regular occurrence thanks to its limited retail availability, but Verizon is running a pretty great deal for both the Pixel and Pixel XL right now so long as you're willing to play by its fine print. The deal will get you a standard Pixel for $360 or a Pixel XL for $480 — that translates into a discount of around $290 for each device. As always, some conditions do apply. The deal is only available to those on Verizon's Unlimited Plan (both new and existing customers eligible). You also have to pay for the phone on its financing plan over the course of 24 months in order to get the full discount — as is often the case, you pay for the full MSRP of the phone monthly and are refunded equal instalments over the two years to get $290 back.

    So if you buy a Google Pixel with Verizon’s unlimited monthly plan, Verizon will reduce the monthly device instalment fee from $27.08 to just $15. Indeed, given that this phone officially launched with a $649.99 price tag, paying $360 isn’t all that bad if you were planning to go with the carrier’s unlimited plan anyway. The Pixel XL sees a similar price cut: with an unlimited plan, the monthly payment is $20 instead of $32.08, bringing the total cost of the device to $480 instead of the suggested retail price of $769.99.

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