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    How to link your Android mobile with your Windows 10 PC using default 'Phone' settings

    Users on the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16251 for PC now have a new setting called "Phone" where you can link your phone to your PC. Once the two devices are linked, you can send a web site to your computer through the browser's native share option. As I've installed Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16251 in my PC a few hours ago, the 1st thing I've done is to setup and test this option. Here's how I've done it:

    1. Go to Settings > Phone and link your phone.

    2. A new windows called Link your phone and PC will popped up. Select your country code and write down your phone number and click Send button.

    3. If the text is sent successfully the windows will tell you that.

    4. Time to move on your phone now. You should receive a text message containing the app download link by now.

    5. After clicking on the link, Google Play Store will open and you will get the option to install Microsoft Apps.

    6. Install and open it. A lot of other option is there but luckily you will see the box of For Windows Insiders at the top. Click on Try It Now.

    7. A new window will open up. It says, Start on your phone, continue on your PC. Click Get Started button.

    8. After that, you will be shown information that the app can do. once a while later finally you will get the option to Sign in with your Microsoft account.

    9. After signing in you are done. From now on when you are in any of your browser when you select the share option, you will get Share via Continue on PC option.

    10. After clicking that a new window will pop up which says, Continue now or Continue later. Clicking this it will immediately open up on your PC's Edge browser.

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