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    Grab free Gear Fit 2 in UK with Galaxy S7 purchase

    Freebies are always nice to have, and the offer becomes much sweeter when it's unexpected. In 2017 it's realistic to presume you will get free to get an offer with the latest gen of Samsung Galaxy S handsets. Instead, Samsung UK is offering free Gear Fit 2 with the purchase of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Customers who purchase the handset before June 30 will be eligible to receive a free Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker from Samsung. Customers must have purchased the handset from a participating retailer. They then have to visit the promotion page on Samsung UK’s website and provide the relevant information to claim their free gift. After that click the "Claim Now" button to complete and submit the online form. The last date for making a claim is August 28.

    You'll get a confirmation email following a successful claim, and your Gear Fit2 by either next day delivery for a UK mainland address or 2-4 day delivery for non-mainland addresses. While many would have preferred it if Samsung offered this free gift with every purchase of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, I think it’s actually a great option if you’re not that keen on Samsung’s new flagship.

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