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    What does exactly Windows 10 S do?

    Windows 10 S is the latest member of the Windows 10 family, introduced with the announcement of Windows Surface Laptop yesterday. Along with many other people in the tech community, I am also surprised what exactly Windows 10 S does and why it is needed at the first place? To answer all these questions, i look over everything Microsoft said yesterday and try to draw the picture here in this post for your better understanding.

    First of all Windows 10 S is the latest version of Windows 10 family, which has been streamlined for the low-end computers with fewer hardware requirements. It's smaller in size and takes less time boot.
    Windows Surface Laptop running Windows 10 S

    Secondly, Windows 10 S can only run applications from the Windows Store. So you can't install any software like Google Chrome of Adobe Photoshop from their pre-existing setup file stored on your hard disk. So application developers will have to package their existing apps and provide them via Windows Store for Windows 10 S users to install and use those. I know the first question came now onto your mind. No, you can't use Google Chrome at this moment and we don't know whether Google include their browser in Microsoft Store anytime soon or not.

    Third, Windows 10 S is not targeting regular desktop users. It is aimed primarily at budget PCs for the education sector. Microsoft mentions it several times during their presentation last night. It's important in the educational sector too. Because they also don't want to hand over a fully fledged Windows OS into their fellow student's hand because of many reasons. Another additional facility is a USB master disk can be used by a school, which formats a 10 S laptop quickly and set up usage policy for the group’s systems with a few simple mouse clicks.

    Fourth, As Windows 10 S comes with less built-in features, it will surely improve your laptop's battery life. Unfortunately, we don't have an exact number on our hand except Microsoft telling us - the Surface laptop will have 14.5 hours of Netflix video playback time.

    Fifth, well what is the price of Windows 10 S is a peculiar question. Because it’s only available pre-installed on devices or through a vendor used by tech agents for schools. So you can't just buy it. And in any circumstances you want to upgrade the OS of your device to Windows 10, that is possible. It will cost nothing if you’re a student, and $49, if you’re not.

    At this moment Surface Laptop will be available from 15th of June, 2017 and it comes with a one-year subscription to Office 365 Personal and 1TB of free storage on OneDrive, which also includes full access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. You can pre-order it now on Microsoft US Store.

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