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    Samsung Gear 360 2016 model price now reduced to $170 from $350

    The Samsung Gear 360 was one of the coolest gadgets of 2016, a beautifully designed 360-degree camera with a round form and a fold-out tripod that worked perfectly with Samsung's Galaxy smartphones. Now as the 2017 version of Gear 360 has been released with 4k shooting capability so it was inevitable that the price of 1st-gen Gear 360 is going to drop. The recorder is currently available at discounted rates in the United States at least. Multiple third-party retailers have it listed for under $170, which is around 50% less than its official price of $350. To be precise, Amazon is seeling the device for $171.24 and B&H is asking for $168.55 for the same product.

    The Gear 360 has two wide-angle F2.0 lenses on each side and can capture 180 wide-angle photos and videos as well as complete 360-degree photos and videos. It's IP53-rated for dust and splash resistance too. Officially, the device is still being sold for $350 via Samsung. There's currently no information on when the discount ends it will be wiser to buy as soon as you can if you really want a 360 capture device. By the way, make sure you have a Galaxy smartphone too, otherwise, all the functionalities might not working perfectly.

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