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    Nintendo announces 2DS XL gaming console for $150, coming in July

    Out of nowhere, Nintendo made a surprise announcement of a new console, Nintendo 2DS XL. The announcement of 2DS XL has come at a time when Nintendo Switch console is performing very well all over the world. The console was released back in March and has sold 2.74 million till last week of April. The new 2DS XL, which is $150 as the name suggests, takes features from the 3DS console while removing the 3D display functionality. Featuring two enlarged displays, 4.88in on top and 4.18in on the bottom under the hood of traditional DS-style clamshell design. While the screens are the same size found in the 3DS XL. But the 2DS XL appears to be smaller and sleeker.

    New Nintendo 2DS XL: Everything you need to know

    Even though the handheld console lacks the 3DS’s stereoscopic capabilities, meaning visuals will be displayed only in 2D, but it can still be able to play thousands of games made for the 3DS. The new handheld console also includes a C-stick and Z-buttons. The internals of the new 2DS XL are exactly the same as the 3DS XL. The new 2DS XL will feature NFC support for amiibo cards and figures.

    The Nintendo 2DS XL will be available in a black/turquoise color scheme and priced at $150. It will be available on July 13 in Japan and July 28 in the US. It will also be available in the EU from 28 July costing £133, Australian players will have their hand on the console on June 15, costing AU $200. New games are also being announced in support for 2DS XL, which is required to encourages existing owners of standard 3DS or 2DS consoles to buy this new device. The original Nintendo 2DS was launched in 2013 with a tag of $130, which is now available at $80.

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