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    Apple starts assembling iPhone SE in India

    In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has confirmed that its manufacturing partners in India have started domestic production of iPhone SE. The handsets are being assembled by Taiwanese contractor Wistron and will begin shipping to Indian customers sometime this month, but it’s unclear if local pricing will be affected.

    China and India are two markets where Apple has looked for growth, and the company has made significant investments in India to help it gain traction among its 1.2 billion consumers. The company also opened up an iOS development lab last year. But Apple was effectively forced into setting up domestic manufacturing in order to launch Indian retail stores, as India laws state that companies wanting a retail presence must source at least 30% of their goods locally.

    The 4-inch iPhone SE’s 16GB version is currently priced Rs. 21,000 ($327) in India; the 32GB variant costs Rs. 22,000 ($343), while the unlocked device will set you back by $399 in the US. India’s phone market is currently dominated by Chinese manufacturers which account for more than 50 percent of smartphone sales. Samsung is the single largest brand, controlling a little over a quarter of the market, while Apple’s market share is not much more than 2 percent.

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