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    Amazon's unveils Echo Show: It has a touchscreen and costs $230

    After endless rumors, the Amazon Echo Show is now official. Amazon unveiled the Echo Show, a WiFi-enabled home device that swaps out the cylindrical design of the original for a seven-inch touchscreen that is the newest addition to its Alexa-powered Echo range of home hubs that plays media and responds to voice commands along with built-in 5MP forward facing camera and Dolby speakers. The new device was announced just weeks after Amazon presented the Echo Look, its first Echo with a built-in camera.

    The news Echo Show is quite different from previous Echo devices as it can provide you with information visually along with sound; previous generations were limited to using voice only to communicate. The Show’s screen will give users more information about their Alexa queries like displaying a full weather report for example, and can be used to play videos, including news from the CNN, and videos from YouTube etc.

    The speaker in Echo Show is loud enough to work flawlessly at your kitchen counter, and the far-field microphone array works just as well as the Echo. Plus, the setup couldn’t be simpler. Plug it in, connect it, done. According to Amazon, you can comfortably view the screen from about 7-feet away, even in a bright environment.

    The device’s potentially biggest feature — the calls and messaging — new area of services. Alexa Calling can also work on other existing Echo devices via the Alexa app. The device weighs 41 ounces, nearly 1.1 kilos.

    You can pre-order Echo Show starting today for $229.99; it ships June 28. Amazon is rebating $100 from the total price for people who buy a pair. This will surely helps customers to engage in two-way video exchanges.

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