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    NVIDIA announces Top of the Line GTX 1080 Ti GPU with $700 tag

    As a traditional matter for NVIDIA, at their GDC event, the company announced their next flagship video card, the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.The $699 graphics card promises 35% faster performance than the GTX 1080, and "is even faster in games" than the Titan X, according to NVIDIA. NVIDIA has also announced that they will be releasing a new GeForce driver aimed to improve DirectX 12 GPU performances with new features.
    They will also be releasing a new GeForce driver aimed to improve DirectX 12 GPU performances with new features.

    Nvidia announces GTX 1080 Ti: Faster than a Titan X, $699

    The GTX 1080 Ti beats outpaced the regular GTX 1080 in terms of most specifications, with 11 GB of 11 Gbps DDR5X VRAM, where the previous one has only 8GB! And while the Titan X has more RAM, 12GB to be precise — it runs at slower speeds of 10 Gbps. Both cards have 3584 CUDA cores, 28 SMs, 224 texture units and 12 billion transistors. Another good news is the GTX 1080 Ti also isn’t as much of a power hungry as the Titan X. It will be running via 220 watts, compared to the older card’s 250 watts.

    Speaking of performance, the GTX 1080 Ti is running by its out-of-the-box boost clock of 1600MHz, while important thing is it was also demonstrated with its core clock running beyond 2GHz, remaining perfectly stable. The GTX 1080 Ti offers a solid boost in game performance over a regular GTX 1080. According to Nvidia’s testing – it is the ‘best Ti ever’ in terms of relative performance between all the xx80 and the xx80 Ti cards.

    NVIDIA Unveils GeForce GTX 1080 Ti: Available Week of March 5th for $699

    Taken all the maths altogether, the GTX 1080 Ti offers over 11.3 TFLOPS of FP32 performance. This puts the expected shader and texture performance of the card 28% ahead of the current GTX 1080, while the ROP throughput advantage stands 26%, and memory bandwidth at a much greater 51.2%. But the real-world performance must be influenced by a blend of these factors.

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