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    Netflix teams up with LG to deliver world's 1st HDR content

    LG's newly announced flagship, G6 already received so many praises from its critics and now it seems the time to deliver has come. As manufacturers are bringing support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision to displays in mobile devices, industry leading streaming service provider Netflix has confirmed that it’s going to start supporting HDR streams on smartphones with the LG G6. LG believes that with the state of the art 5.7” LCD panel in front of LG G6 will easily support HRD as well as Dolby Vision.

    HDR is built on a foundation of a wider dynamic range with brighter whites and deeper blacks, at the same time, and also covers a wider color space for more accuracy and vibrant colors. HDR is typically associated with TVs but the new video foundation can improve the viewing experience on any screen. Amazon Prime Video and Netflix already both support Dolby Vision via Smart TVs. To do HDR, however, the screen needs to be capable of reproducing the very high contrast. Dolby Vision on such a small screen might seem like a questionable deployment of the technology but it certainly sets a new standard for the mobile viewing experience.

    HDR10, Dolby Vision coming to phones/tablets, Netflix promises HDR on mobile

    Although the formats are similar, there are some differences. Devices compatible only with Dolby Vision can display content developed in HDR 10, but the opposite is not true: devices with only HDR 10 don't transmit Dolby Vision content. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the first phone with HDR 10, which was lost in the wild. Aside from LG, Sony also unveiled the Xperia XZ Premium phone, which is the first to offer a display with 4K resolution and HDR10 via using LCD display technology.

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