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    Microsoft planning to release consumer ready Hololens in 2019

    It was a little over two years ago that Microsoft first showed the world HoloLens - the Microsoft mixed reality headset, that immediately grabbed headlines around the world because of it might be the future of computing. Since that announcement,Microsoft has moved the prototype device into production and is already available with a $3,000 price tag. Microsoft said the sales are in the thousands and they are happy with the numbers. Until yesterday there was no news we've heard about they are going to release a consumer-ready version of Hololens will be available on the market. Now, learning from the news from Thurrott, it looks like it might not happen in the nest 24 months as Microsoft decides to skip iterating its hardware and go straight to version three in 2019 from version one.

    There are few solid logics behind this decision. Number one would be the world is not ready for it...yet!. Number two is a drastic change like this one allow Microsoft's designers and engineers to put more resources into a device to tinker that represents a generational leap in HoloLens technology. There might be another point playing in Microsoft's mind. And that is the lack of solid player in this Augmented Reality market which makes a delayed release not impossible being commercially successful. Talking about the market, Magic Leap is the closest competitor appears to be. Till now we've only seen a leaked photograph of their and still waiting for the company to publicly demonstrate its technology.

    Why Microsoft HoloLens 2 may not show its face until 2019

    So, if you are eagerly waiting to buy Hololens like me in 2017 then yes, we have to wait. But hopefully, we'll end up with a better overall device which will not have any blue screen of death like issues. Moreover substantial improvements to things field of view, size, weight and battery life would likely to make the wait worthwhile. But unfortunately we are still totally blind about the pricing strategy of Microsoft Hololens.

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