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    Microsoft is going to attack Chrome OS by its upcoming Windows 10 Cloud

    Just a few days after the floating rumor of Microsoft is planning a competitor to Chrome OS, the first screenshots of the operating system have leaked out. Till now Microsoft has a simple strategy against Google's Chromebooks: make $200 Windows laptops (stripped down specs of course) to negate Google's price advantage. However, it now looks to be extending that strategy to the operating system itself. The operating system, named 'Windows 10 Cloud' is said to be a Chromebook-like version of Windows 10, the evolution of RT, which is (and was) absolutely worth nothing! Even though Microsoft hasn’t even announced it yet, but as usual a usable build has surfaced on the web that you can try right away.

    While Chromebooks have managed to capture a reasonable portion of the market in recent years, Microsoft’s Windows RT is not right in the path, not for a single day! According to ZDNet, Cloud “is a simplified version of Windows 10 that will be able to run only Unified Windows Platform (UWP) apps installed from the Windows Store.” Leaked screenshots on WindowsBlogItalia shows the operating system looks virtually identical to the Windows 10 regular version, but the limitation lies on the Apps, it can only run apps which are available in the Windows Store only.

    An early build of Windows 10 Cloud has leaked

    Windows RT shipped alongside Windows 8 as a version of the OS that ran on ARM processors, which only allowed users to install apps from the Store. I think there no reason to believe that Windows 10 Cloud should have such a limitation. On the downside Windows 10 Cloud presumably wouldn't support Windows 8.1 apps, making it the first SKU of the OS not to do so. There are reports that desktop programs converted to Windows 10 apps and can be installed via Windows Store even though still can’t run on Windows 10 Cloud due to their Win32-based nature.

    A leaked ISO of Windows 10 Cloud is already out in the wild. Download and install it only if you exactly know what are you doing.

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