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    Samsung forced to delay 4TB consumer SSD due to NAND shortage

    The Samsung SSD 850 PRO was first came into the market back in the summer of 2014 andit was the first consumer SSD with 3D NAND Flash memory. Samsung has since shipped millions of SSD 850 drives and it has become likely the most sold SSD series ever. In 2016 Samsung expanded its consumer SSD line-up with the addition of a 4TB 850 Evo. However, since then there have been plenty of people waiting for the updated 850 Pro version and while the drive was scheduled to be displayed at CES earlier this month, it never arrived. Now it turns out that Samsung has had to push back its Pro 4TB SSD, as there is a worldwide NAND shortage going on.

    Currently, there is a Flash NAND shortage due to the high and popular demand and usage for both smartphones and SSDs. SSD makers are transitioning to 3D NAND, putting more of a strain on supply.

    Samsung brings 850 Pro 4TB SSD still not out because nand deficits

    Samsung's press agency replied the 850 Pro 4TB is delayed due to the worldwide shortage of NAND flash memory:
    “As a result of the worldwide NAND shortage, Samsung is focused on allocating NAND to products where we see the greatest demand. We will let you know when further updates on the 850 PRO 4TB are available.”

    All of these words are making sense. Currently, it is unknown how long the NAND shortage is going to last. The shortage does trigger another side-effect that might again impact the PC industry as some DRAM manufacturers are now switching towards NAND production as the demand is higher. Once that happens the shortage might clear up. However then a DRAM shortage for 2017 might become a fact which can also increase prices as well.

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