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    PC gaming hardware market crosses 30 billion is sales in 2016

    After the birth of smartphone era we have heard that the PC market is somehow ‘in trouble’, with declining sales and fewer customers to sell to. While that might be true for OEM systems from the likes of Dell and HP, it certainly isn’t the case for PC gaming hardware as the market has boomed in 2016, generating over $30 billion for the first time in history despite the analysts have been predicting the decline and death of the PC market. Research firm Jon Peddie Research has announced some new data regarding the PC gaming market. According to them, PC gaming hardware alone drove $30 billion in revenue worldwide in 2016, setting a new record. It wasn't mentioned in the report what the previous record was. PC gaming tends to drive innovation among CPU and GPU makers, and with PC gaming hardware reaching new heights, companies such as Intel, AMD, and Nvidia should be more motivated than ever to continue pushing the envelope.

    What was more interesting than the numbers was how the sales broke down, as you can see in the following graph. As you can see roughly $6.6 billion went to entry-level gaming PCs, $10.6 billion to mid-range PCs, and $13 billion to high-end PCs. That means that full 43 percent of the PC hard ware sales in the world are going to what this study calls "High-End" systems. Unsurprisingly, the article states that "The western appetite for PC gaming systems costing thousands of dollars is strong."

    PC gaming hardware market hits $30 billion

    This news won't be a surprise to anyone who follows the PC gaming market, but it's worth keeping in mind that despite what some might think, there's a lot of money to be made in the world of PC gaming. JPR predicts that the PC gaming hardware market will continue to grow at a 6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2019.

    Here is the link of full report from JPR.

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