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    FaceTime group call might be seen in upcoming iOS 11

    Ever since its introduction in 2010, Apple's FaceTime has only supported video calls between two parties. Potentially fulfilling a long-standing iPhone and iPad feature request, FaceTime might finally support group video calls with iOS 11, a report claimed on Friday. Sources familiar with Apple’s plans claim the feature will support up to five participants, and that users will be able to initiate video calling from within iMessage group chats. The rumour comes courtesy of Israeli blog The Verifier, which cites “several people familiar with iOS development process”.

    Group video chats would be a welcome addition to FaceTime, thought iOS 11 will certainly not arrive until the fall when the iPhone 8 is expected to make its debut later this year. The new version of the mobile operating system will probably be unveiled, like clockwork, at the company's annual WWDC conference in the summer.

    Group FaceTime video calls could arrive with iOS 11

    Apple also needs to update FaceTime's capabilities to keep pace. The FaceTime camera last received an upgrade with 2015's Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s Plus. The camera was hiked to 5MP from the previous 1.2MP.

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