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    Evernote transforms itself with 8.0 in iOS

    The last year hasn't been great for Evernote. There was a time when Evernote was the gold standard when it came to note-taking apps. But as time progressed, the app took on a bloated look, as did the company itself. The company has been trying to get itself back on track for a while now and on Tuesday released the latest iOS version of its note-taking and organization app. Ordinarily, the company makes its big changes alongside new versions of iOS, or to make a splash with a new iPhone.

    Version 8.0 of an iOS app may not mean much to you, but it sure means a lot to Evernote. It brings a new user interface that focuses on speed and efficiency. Evernote's "design and engineering teams set out to reimagine the Evernote experience from the ground up," according to a blog post on its website.

    Evernote gets faster and smarter with 8.0 update for iOS

    The overhaul is focused on making things faster, simpler and more intuitive for users. Added features include:
    • separate business and personal accounts
    • new colors and styles
    • faster access to notes
    • simpler ways to add media
    The app still has three payment tiers, with the basic one being free and the other two offering ability to sync with more than two devices and upload more data per month. The most expensive tier also has advanced search that can find text even inside images. Evernote 8.0 is available for download from Apple's App Store. There is no word on an update to its Android app yet, but we they can't be too late.

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