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    Apple iPhone 7 review: Main features and disadvantages

    For the last 9 years, Apple releases their best iPhone ever to date, but the latest iPhone 7 feels different somehow in many ways. Along with the device size of bigger and better iPhone 7 Plus, both the devices are full of aggressive breaks from usual Apple style while wrapped in cases that look almost exactly like their two 2015 devices. Even that continuity of design is a break from convention; Apple always uses same design fpr two years, but iPhone 7 duo merely retaining the same design for a third straight year plays against expectations. Though it may not be an exciting design anymore, but nevertheless it feels and looks great, even if it’s a little basic in 2016/17.

    But don't think Apple has changed nothing other than a new paint job: it’s now available in black and a shiny jet black, as well as rose gold, gold and silver from last year, even though no space grey. The missing 3.5mm hole is a big deal, sure, but so are the improvements to the camera, the blistering speed of the new A10 processor, and the changes to the home button. It's not clickable anymore. There is a new pressure-sensitive Home key powered by a new taptic engine replaced traditional iconic home button this time. It's also Apple's first water-resistant handset, even stereo speakers on a phone too! And the company just came up with a new wireless set called AirPods, which retails for $159....only! $159 only for headphone, which we've used to have inside the iPhone box till now.

    Apple iPhone 7

    The intention of this post is not to write pages long review, instead of that, I am directly taking you to the point. A simple look at the main features of iPhone 7 and then the list of disadvantages you have to consider before buying it. Let's move on.

    Main features of iPhone 7:
    - It's IP67 certified, meaning it can handle light rainstorm or short dip in the pool along with dust resistance
    - iPhone 7 is fast, really fast, forget about processor model and the amount or RAM inside
    - 12MP camera takes notably better photos, especially in low light, and OIS does the job perfectly
    - 7MP F/2.2 front-facing camera with BSI sensor and HDR mode, solid low light performer
    - Base model starts with 32GB, then 128GB and 256GB
    - 3D tough is better than ever, display now supports wide color gamut
    - Stereo speakers are always good to have, nothing to loose here

    Apple iPhone 7

    Main disadvantages of iPhone 7:
    - No conventional round 3.5mm legacy headphone jack
    - Screen resolution is not up to the mark comparing with other manufacturers
    - Battery is sealed and performance is not best in the class
    - Dual camera feature is reserved for bigger iPhone 7 Plus only
    - Video recording still relies on mono audio which cant be explained by Jony Ivy
    - New home button takes getting used to
    - NFC is there, but only Apple Pay can utilize it
    - No fast charging
    - No wireless charging
    - No memory card expansion slot
    - No IR remote
    - NO FM radio

    Apple iPhone 7

    So here is my personal thought for you. If you are a iPhone lover than it doesn't matter what I am suggesting, right? You will probably buy it anyway. I have to admit, iPhone 7 is a collection of small improvements amounts to a decent upgrade for Apple’s flagship smartphone but it isn't a major leap forward. Apple is proud of the bold move of removing the audio jack. But in pretty much every other aspect they've seemingly taken the conservative route. And finally base model starts at 32GB, but fast or wireless charging still doesn't mean anything to Apple, which is a shame in 2016. The battery life just isn’t good enough to last one day, let alone two when so many other smartphones do. And when the iPhone 7 is dead it takes ages to charge it up again. It’s really poor. On the outside, the new iPhone looks basically the same as the iPhone 6 and 6s Plus. So iPhone 7 is an evolutionary product, not revolutionary like the courageous incident of 3.5mm jack removal, understand? The iPhone 7 price starts at $649 (£599, AU$1,079) for the 32GB model. If you like to improve your storage to 128GB you'll need to shell out $749 (£699, AU$1,229). Power users like me, have to check out the $849 (£799, AU$1,379) iPhone 7 with an mobile-first 256GB of storage, giving you enough storage space to save your precious 4K videos. And if you have existing wired headphones you want to use, you can: Apple includes a Lightning to 3.5mm adaptor in the box. Just stick it on the end of your headphones, and you're good to go.

    Apple iPhone 7

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