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    Seagate introduces 512GB USB SSD for Xbox One

    Popular Disk drive manufacturer Seagate unveiled a new storage solution for the Xbox One, Game Drive for Xbox SSD, which an external solid-state storage solution built specifically for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. It comes packing 512GB of storage space, letting you install around 15 games on the device. They should load quickly and efficiently too, thanks to the device’s high-speed flash memory.

    The game drive is designed for those who have filled their Xbox One’s limited internal storage space and need more room but don’t want to delete existing downloads. Physically the drives come in a sleek enclosure with a grey, brushed aluminium top and bottom – along with Xbox and Seagate logos – as well as a green band running around its edge. connects to Xbox One units via an included USB cable, without the need for an external power supply.

    Seagate 512GB SSD Game Drive for Xbox One arrives in November

    The price of Seagate Game Drive for Xbox SSD is $200, which is not bad at all. The drive it will be available in November at Amazon, GameStop, and many other retails shops.

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