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    Razer's new Ornata keyboard implants mechanical and membrane technologies under same hood

    For years, we’ve have a distinct line separating membrane keyboards from those that use mechanical switches. Now, the marketing experts at Razer have said, “why not both?” They just announced a new keyboard that introduces a new kind of switch that Razer calls mecha-membrane, a combination of mechanical and membrane key-switches.

    According to Razer, this switch combines the best of both worlds; you get the soft, cushioned feel of a membrane keyboard with the crisp tactile feedback of a mechanical switch. And the company claims it keeps only the best of both. That means you get the pleasant and smooth button-pressing action of most modern membrane keyboards as well as the feedback and reliability of the classic mechanical style.

    Razer's New 'Mecha-Membrane' Switch And Ornata Chroma Keyboard

    Other than that the Ornata, which is what the keyboard is called, also includes an ergonomic wrist rest, optional Razer Chroma RGB backlighting, 10-key rollover with anti-ghosting for 10 keys, and a dedicated gaming mode. Razer is also using mid-height keycaps for faster typing experience.

    The Ornate Chroma is priced at $99.99 and the Ornate at $79.99. The Ornata is available now on Razer’s website for U.S. customers, and it will ship worldwide in October.

    Razer's New 'Mecha-Membrane' Switch And Ornata Chroma Keyboard
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