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    Apple Snow Leopard Theme for Windows 10

    In the monitor world visualization word there are such few topics as popular as Snow Leopard. Apple released the OS in 2009 with their first 64-bit CPU support which dramatically increase the performance because of the memory barrier withdrawal. From that time thousand of visual styles and themes are made based on the Mac OS. You can find Snow Leopard from your mobile to smartpohne, tablet to laptop, Windows XP to windows 8.1. What what? Why Windows 8.1? Why not make it to Windows 10, latest gen Microsoft made Windows operating system? Thats what is done by sagorpirbd, a member of Deviantart website. This theme is unmodified and only used sharing purpose only.

    Whats included in this theme-
    • Visual Styles/Theme for Windows 10
    • StartIsBack Styles.
    • Start ORB Image.
    • Wallpapers.
    • Read Me.
    How to install the theme-
    • You need to patch your system files first. The easiest way to do that is to use Theme Patcher.This is a one time procedure to install any 3rd party theme in your system.
    • Then you need to copy theme files in "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes" and then select it from Personalization
    • And it is always advisable to create a system restore point before proceed.

    How to install Apple Mac Snow Leopard Theme on Windows 10

    How to install Apple Mac Snow Leopard Theme on Windows 7

    How to install Apple Mac Snow Leopard Theme on Windows XP

    Theme Download Links
    Link 1 | Link 2

    * This theme is optimized for Windows 10. So keep that in mind in case of you are willing to use it on other OS. All the features might not work perfectly.
    *If you face any problem while start downloading then please turn of IDM/other download manager.


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