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    Windows 10: 7 Things you need to know now

    Windows 8 has had a bit of a tumultuous run, something Microsoft is hoping to turn around with Windows 10. We got a brief glimpse at a Microsoft event on September 30. You’ll be able to install a free, unfinished “technical preview” version this week. The latest version of Windows walks back some of the more jarring changes of Windows 8, including the return of the Start menu and improvements to how apps are displayed, while also adding multitasking enhancements that will appeal to those who use touchscreen devices as well as PCs.


    I know you’ve got a lot of questions surrounding new upcoming Windows iteration. So here I am to give you some answers on the latest step for Windows.

    1. Windows 10 release date
    Microsoft expects to release the OS sometime in 2015, after the company's Build developer conference in April. Generally from previous experience we can say that it will be most like be released after July 2015.

    2. Windows 10 price
    The cost for the retail version has yet to be determined. But there are lots of rumor floating around suggestion a cheaper upgrade plan for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users as low as $40.

    3. Where is Windows 9
    Microsoft wants us to think of the latest version as a fundamental change to how Windows works, and the company is skipping a version number to show it. So here is the queue-
    Windows 7
    Windows 8
    Windows 10!


    4. Can I run Windows 10 on any of my devices
    Windows 10 isn't just about PCs. The operating system will run on everything from desktops all the way down to smartphones, and the user interface will adjust accordingly.

    5. What about Windows 8 Metro UI and full screen Apps
    Those touch-friendly, full-screen apps that debuted with Windows 8 were alternately known as the "Metro" or "Modern" design. For Windows 10, full-screen apps will be optional. Let's say you're using a convertible 2-in-1 device, like the Surface Pro 3, for example. When the keyboard is docked, you'll see the standard desktop with Windows 10's "new" old-school Start menu. Once you take the device off of the keyboard base, the OS will allow you to switch to the finger-friendly full screen mode Windows 8 users are likely familiar with.

    6. Is Start Menu there
    Yes! If you hated Windows 8's full-screen Start screen, you're in luck: the new Start menu harkens back to the good old days, sitting on the left side of the screen and presenting that familiar pop-up column of shortcuts. And if you liked Windows 8's approach, there's something here for you too: the new menu will incorporate Live Tiles and can be customized.

    7. How about system requirements
    It's too early to say. Windows 8.1 did introduce 64-bit computing requirements that ruled out some ancient processors, but it otherwise played well with PCs that weren't too old. Suffice to say, if you're picking up a newer device any time between now and Windows 10's release next year, you should be good to go. But an early leak showed us a copy of Windows 10 64-bit running on a 1GB RAM PC. So that’s a good indication.

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