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    Classic Start Menu is back in Windows 10

    One of the most important questions regarding Windows 10 (previously known as Windows 9) was, whether Microsoft including start menu or not. Luckily for us it will be present on both touch devices and more traditional mouse-keyboard setup. The Start menu so many missed in Windows 8 and 8.1. Though Microsoft first announced the return of the Start menu earlier this year at Build, the company's annual conference, the longstanding menu was undoubtedly the star of Tuesday's event. And i think its needless to mention that the main cause of Windows 8 failure is the lacking of Classic Start menu. Because its the pumping station of all applications and files in Windows operating system for a very long time.

    There is some new inclusion in Windows 10 start menu. There are now two columns in Start Menu. The left column looks much like the traditional Windows 7 Start menu— complete with jump menus— and contains your most frequently used apps, including Windows desktop apps and Windows Store apps.

    The right column houses customizable live tiles. You can add any app's live tile to that column at any time by simply dragging it over, although apps that don't have live tile functionality will be a shortcut rather than a fully functional live tile. Alternatively, those who don't like the Metro look of the live tiles can forgo them altogether.

    Is Windows 10 Start Menu works like Windows 7?

    The Start menu itself can also be resized endlessly and you can add as many live tiles as you want. In Windows 10, the size of the Start menu is really only limited to the size of your monitor. The demo we saw was surprisingly fast and the menu was responsive, even when dozens of live tiles were added at once.

    Additionally, the bottom of the menu has a spotlight-style search tool that will search locally for apps and files on your machine but will also search the web via Microsoft's Bing search engine. The same search tool also lives in the task bar.

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