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    Download Windows 8.1 Update 1 offline installer

    Last year Windows 8.1 brought some of the most demanded features missing on the original Windows 8. But those were not enough to make all the people happy. Because some of the ‘Born with Windows’ features were still not there. That’s why Windows 8.1 Update 1 is a must update for every Windows users all around the globe.
    The main purpose of this update is making the Windows more conventional keyboard and mouse friendly, Start Menu with more options and making desktop mode the default Windows Start Screen for the first time in Windows 8 era.

    Microsoft released the Update of Windows 8 on April8, the day of death of Windows XP. It’s an almost 900MB+ update. So it’s irritating for someone who has a slow internet connection like me. Or if you have a more than one Windows 8.1 device than updating all your devices must be annoying for you. That’s you this offline Windows 8.1 Update 1 file is the solution for you to make you happy.

    KB2919442 / KB2919355 / KB2932046 / KB2937592 / KB2938439 / KB2934018

    KB2919442 / KB2919355 / KB2932046 / KB2937592 / KB2938439 / KB2934018

    KB2919442 / KB2919355 / KB2932046 / KB2937592 / KB2938439 / KB2934018

    Links provided here are from Microsoft’s official site. You have to download all the six MSU files for your corresponding windows 8.1. As these files are standalone, you are just clicking away to install the Update 1. You have to click on every individual file serially to install. While installing, if an update file is applicable for your windows, it will ask you to grant the installation. Just click “Yes”. And you must need to restart your PC after installing all these.

    For your easy understanding what are included in this update, here goes the change log for you-
    • Title bar, close and minimize buttons, are available on apps from Windows Store.
    • Windows Store apps can be pinned to the Desktop taskbar.
    • Directly boot to the Desktop is now default.
    • Power and Search Buttons added to Start screen.
    Link Credit: Extremetech

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