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    Colorful Flat Round theme for Windows 7

    Its been quite a while i published my last theme on this site. I am regularly checking my site stats that you all are too busy with my all-in-one Windows 7 download page, that's why i am a little bit late to publish anything new! But don't worry. I am back. Today i am sharing one of my favourite Windows 7 theme for you. The theme is not created by be. All the credit for this theme goes to Alex from Deviant Art.

    I have only two things two say about this theme. It changes everything in Windows 7. Some are gorgeous, some are nice and some seem a little bit odd. But overall its a nice package. And the theme is very easy to use. You just have to install SkinPack Flat Round Win7.exe first by double clicking it. Then after a complete restart showdown install Sage Thumbs.exe file too. It will help you to view the thumbnail of folders properly.

    Thats it. If you are bored with the theme then just go to Program list to uninstall it. Hope you all will enjoy it.

    Download Colorful Flat Round Windows 7 Theme
    Free Windows 7 Theme with Desktop Dock

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