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    Microsoft unveiling DirectX 12 on March 20

    After a long time Microsoft decides it’s a good time to unveil the next generation of DirectX to the people. They recently announced that they will unveil the 12 version of graphics API on March 20 at Game Developer Conference, which is known as GDC too. We don’t have any more information right now regarding DX12. But it’s good to see the logo of AMD, Intel, NVIDIA and Qualcomm logo on Microsoft invitation paper. That mean all the major players will be there right from the start.

    What are the new features of DirectX 12?

    It is expected that the DirectX event does give a good hint at what we can expect. According to the description, it seems DirectX 12 will offer lower-level access to hardware, similar to AMD’s Mantle API. Having low-level access to your hardware means you are able to get the most out of it and make better use of it.

    The next important question is when Microsoft will actually release DX12. And it’s safe to bet Microsoft usually releases major version of DirectX with new versions of Windows, we could see it arrive with Windows 9 next year. DirectX 12 will also be in future versions of Windows Phone and will supports the same features as on the desktop version of Windows, so a game made for DirectX 12 on Windows will technically run on Windows Phone.

    But again I have to ask myself what about iOS and Android? Because surely this two OS will run most of the computing devices over the next decade surely.


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