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    Windows 9 concept screenshots

    Windows 7 in 2009, Windows 8 in 2012 and at last we saw Windows 8.1 release in 2013. So we are almost certain that at least the next Windows release will be named by number unlike Windows XP or Vista. And it’s safe to assume that we can see the word ‘9’ in the next Windows box. Though it’s very unlikely that we see Windows 9 release in 2014 because if that is the Microsoft’s plan than we already heard something about the Windows 9 beta or alpha version by this time.

    So it’s almost certain that Microsoft will release Windows 9 in 2015 with dramatic change in nature with very little visual change. Dramatic means they will try to forget about Windows 8 RT. It is completely a flop show for them. Microsoft should try to unify the regular Windows and the new Metro environment.

    Where can i download windows 9 iso

    Instead of having two apps, one for the “old” Windows UI and one for Metro, each with its different designs, features and notifications. In addition to the return of the Start menu, the next major Windows release should also find a way to expand its platform compatibility as part of tablet movement. Though a recent rumor claims that the Metro UI will be ditched in future Windows and Windows Phone versions, but I personally don’t think Microsoft will do it. Instead a proper Start Menu in desktop mode will solve many problems of Windows 8 in desktop in a click. Gadget is one more thing from Windows 7 Microsoft might want to bring back in Windows 8.

    With little to go on and plenty of speculation and rumor, designers have mocked up a number of concepts and fitting with previous releases — to detail what they expect the upcoming operating system to look like. Here are just a few examples of some of the most visually stunning and detailed designs we've found over the internet. These photos are created by Jerry Jappinen, Chris Lombardo, Simeon Metev and Niklas Lv.

    windows 9 desktop start menu
    Windows 9 Desktop Preview

    windows 9 desktop mode may run Metro Apps
    How Apps may looks like in Windows 9 Desktop

    Is there any change in Windows 9 File Explorer
    My Computer in Windows 9 Desktop

    Contents in Windows 9 Start Screen
    Windows 9 Start Screen

    Apps task manager in Windows 9
    Task Manager in Windows 9

    How improved Windows 9 Settings is
    Settings in Windows 9

    Windows 9 Metro Apps List
    List of Apps in Windows 9

    More Windows 9 related post coming soon. Keep visiting. if you have more clue than i have then please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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