Download Priyanka Chopra Theme for Windows

Priyanka Chopra is an Indian film actress and singer, and was the winner of the Miss World pageant of 2000. From being an Exotic babe to a desi girl, through her successful film career, Chopra has become one of Bollywood's highest-paid actresses and one of the most popular celebrities in India. Although Chopra at one time aspired to study engineering or psychiatry, she accepted offers to join the Indian film industry, which came as a result of her pageant wins, making her acting debut in the Tamil film Thamizhan in 2002.

By 2006, Chopra had established herself as a leading actress of Hindi cinema with starring roles in the highly successful films Krrish and Don. She achieved further commercial success by starring in films such as the action thriller Don 2 (2011), the revenge drama Agneepath (2012), Barfi! and the superhero science fiction film Krrish 3 (2013) all of which rank among the highest grossing Indian films of all time. Priyanka Chopra has engaged in philanthropic activities, and was appointed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Child Rights on 10 August 2010.

This Windows theme of Priyanka Chopra has 20 HD wallpapers of her. There are few desktop icons and Priyanka Chopra Start Menu button are also included. It can be used Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS are supported. I included the 1 click Start menu changer in this themepack for those of you who don't have any idea how to change your Windows Start menu. You will find the necessary tips inside the zip file for further reference.

Windows XP Priyanka Chopra Theme
How to make Priyanka Chopra theme for my windows
Sexy Priyanka Chopra hd wallpaper download link

Samsung start selling 110-inch ultra-HD TV for $150,000 in Korea

Yes mate you saw it right. Newest Samsung 110-inch Ultra HD 4K tv has a price tag of $150,000. Ans its already on sale in South Korea withing days. The ultra-HD TVs are also known as "4K" because they contain four times more pixels than an HD TV. Samsung says it will eventually launch in China, the Middle East and Europe. But there’s no word on a U.S. launch. Previously, the largest U-HD TV made by Samsung was 85-inch measured diagonally. It was priced $40,000 on Amazon earlier this year.

But Samsung and LG failed to make OLED TVs a mainstream that would replace the LCD television sets and still struggling to mass produce larger and affordable TVs with OLED. Last year, Samsung and rival LG Electronics, the world's top two TV makers, touted OLED as the future of TV. OLED screens are ultrathin and can display images with enhanced clarity and deeper color saturation. Meanwhile, Japanese media reported last week that Sony Corp. and Panasonic Corp. decided to end their OLED partnership.

Samsung Is Selling a TV Bigger Than Your Bed for $150,000

According to NPD DisplaySearch, global sales of ultra-HD TV sets will surge from 1.3 million this year to 23 million in 2017. More than half of the shipments will be taken by Chinese companies between 2013 and 2017, according to NPD.

Demand for U-HD TVs is expected to rise despite dearth of content while its price will likely come down faster than that of the OLED TVs. Much of the growth is forecast to come from China, a major market for the South Korean TV makers. Chinese TV makers have been making a push into the U-HD TV market as well.

While Chinese TV makers have been seeking to boost sales of U-HD TVs with a lower price and a smaller size, Samsung's strategy is to go bigger with a higher price tag. Samsung's 110-inch U-HD TV measures 2.6 meters by 1.8 meters. It will be available in China, the Middle East and Europe. In South Korea, the TV is priced at 160 million won ($152,000) while prices in other countries vary.

Download Katrina Kaif Theme for Windows

Katrina Kaif is one of the most famous Bollywood film actress and model, achieved popularity due to her physical beauty, and for being one of India's highest-paid actresses. Katrina Kaif was born in Hong Kong to a Kashmiri father and English mother. Katrina, one of eight siblings, all girls, spent subsequent years in Hawaii, and then in London.

Dhoom 3 Aamir Khan Windows theme free download

Imagine a mashup of Cirque du Soleil, steampunk and Bollywood — throw in a few motorcycle chases, a love story, a secret double, a heist and the year’s funkiest music — and you’re just beginning to scratch the surface of Dhoom 3. Dhoom 3 is a Hindi action thriller film, the third installment of the Dhoom series. Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra will reprise their roles as Jai Dixit and Ali Akbar while Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif being the antagonist duo. Believed to be one of the most expensive Indian films of all time, Dhoom 3 was released on 20 December 2013 in regular 2D and IMAX formats. It is the first Bollywood movie to be released in the IMAX format.

Dhoom 3 has done historic collection at the Indian Box Office on the first day of its release, beating the record of Chennai Express, the movie has also become the biggest opener of 2013 as well as all time. High-flying acrobatics and a standout Aamir Khan performance dominate the third entry in Bollywood's biggest action franchise.

As this film attracted record crown into the theaters all around the world you can try it in your Windows PC too. This exclusive Dhoom 3 theme can work on your Windows 7, Windwos 8 and Windows 8.1 theme. Both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows is supported. Take a look at the link before start downloading. Windows 7 and Windows 8 version are different.

Download Dhoom 3 Aamir Khan Theme for PC
Dhoom 3 theme for android

Dhoom 3 Theme for Windows 8/8.1
Dhoom 3 Theme for Windows 7/8

How to Update to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8

After a year release of Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT, Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 with some major changes in personalization, search, apps, the Windows Store, and cloud connectivity. The update also has the security and reliability features you expect from Windows. It's fast and made to work on a variety of devices—especially on the new generation of touch devices.

Latest Mobile Phones Sales Statistics & Usage Trends

It almost seems unbelievable to me that Steve Jobs unveiled the first true Smartphone, iPhone only six years ago. We all wonder after that how this small gadget change our lifestyle completely from every aspects. People are using mobile phones for 3 decades now but introduction of smartphone affects all of us. We can't imagine one single moment of our life without this gadget. The following infographic also reflects some of our smartphone usage habits and showing it by different criteria. Now stop reading keep looking down please!

Latest Mobile Phones Sales Statistics & Usage Trends

This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides American Eagle promo code) and My7Computer.

If you want to embed this infographic on you site/blog then simply copy/paste the following code.

Windows 8 vs Windows 8.1? Is it same or have something new?

As you remember Microsoft released Windows 8 on October 26, 2012. With Windows 8, Microsoft tries to change radically how we use our PC by integrating touch interface on its core. But they failed. It might be the people or the age we are living. Where 99.99% desktop has not any touch feature in its display and chances of having it in near future in very small, we didn’t see any reason behind Microsoft’s effort to feed people touch.

Apple starts Mac Pro selling from tomorrow

Apple has been teasing us with new generation Mac Pro for the last 6 months. So after a never ending wait for us they decide to sell Mac Pro from tomorrow. As you may know after a long time Apple redesigned the Mac Pro entirely and has packed it with some of the best hardware you can find around.

What is MS Office 365 and why it is different?

Microsoft Office is probably the second most common term in the computer world after ‘Windows’. Microsoft Office started its journey on Windows platform in October 1990 as a bundle of three applications designed for Microsoft Windows 3.0. After that we used so many new versions of office like widely used MS Office 2003 and three years old but new MS Office 2010. MS Office 2013 is also on the market for a year now. But if you are aware of the name MS Office 365 then you must be quite puzzled by it. What is it actually? Is it the latest version of MS Office like Windows 8.1 is the latest version of Windows OS after Windows 8? Then why Microsoft named it Office 365 instead of MS Office 2013 SP1 or MS Office 2014? OK. I would like to remove all of your confusions in this post regarding MS Office 365.

What should i buy? Office 2013 or 365?
What is MS Office 365?
At first let me say that Office 2013 is the latest version of MS Office series. Office 365 is something new. Like Google Chrome OS it Office 365 is a subscription-based online office and software plus services suite. It offers access to various services and software built around the Microsoft Office platform. Its actually the successor to Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite. After a beta testing process which began in October 2010, Office 365 was officially launched on June 28, 2011. With the release of MS Office 2013, Office 365 expanded to include new plans aimed at different types of businesses, along with new plans aimed at general consumers wanting to use the Office desktop software on a subscription basis.

What are MS Office 365 Advantages?
Office 365 Home Premium provides all the programs in Microsoft Office Professional 2013, but has a few other advantages as well. First, you can use it on five separate devices, so you can register it on a desktop, a couple of laptops, a tablet and even a Mac (except for OneNote).

Second, it includes an extra 20GB of SkyDrive storage. Which you can use anyway you want later.

Third, if you are away from your PC, you can use Office on Demand, which "streams" the program online, without installing it. You can thus use your Office and your files on, for example, a cybercafé or library PC (though this doesn't work on Macs).
Fourth, all the Office files are automatically kept up to date, so you never have to buy another copy of Office.

Last but not the least Office 365 also includes 60 minutes of Skype calls each month to phones in more than 40 countries, as well as unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls. Why Skype? Because Microsoft now owns the company!

Wanna try Office 365 free of cost. Go to Microsoft official site and try Office 365 one month for free!

MS Office 365 Price
The catch is that Office 365 is a subscription service with an annual fee of $79.99 or $7.99 per month. If you want to use all the programs in Microsoft Office Professional 2013 and you have more than enough companion to try Office programs then it's definitely worth it. But if you only want to run a couple of programs on a single PC, then it's not such a good deal and surely avoidable. It’s the Home Premium deal of Office 365.

Is Office 365 worth buying
Office 365 Small Business Premium deal will cost you $149.99 a year. Again the offer is for 5 devices. Office 365 Small Business Premium has some important differences with Office 365 Home Premium, from both technological and licensing perspectives. It comes with the core Office applications—Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote—as well as Outlook, Access, Publisher, Lync, and InfoPath. It also includes Office on Demand, shared calendars and a 25 GB inbox in Exchange Online, 10 GB plus 500 MB per user in SharePoint Online, public-facing and intranet web site capabilities with custom domains, and perpetual upgrades for the life of the subscription.

To know all the other Office 365 deals for Enterprise and Institutions please check the official Microsoft website.

MS Office 365 Compatibility
Office 365 works with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS X 10.6 or later, but not with Windows XP or Vista, which are on death row. It is compatible with Internet Explorer 9 and 10, and uses DirectX 10 for fast graphics.

As it turns out, Office 365 has a number of benefits. Some are natural consequences of the software as a service business model, while others are artificial – meaning Microsoft is throwing you a rope. Fall or Tall! For you kind information MS Office 2013 costs $110, $280 and $500 for Home & Student, Home & business and Professional respectively. And all the prices are effective for one device only for lifetime as we used to have.

How to Control Microsoft Office from your Mobile easily

There are so many ways to control remotely your MS Office program. I am sure that many of you already tried several of those. The most used method to control MS Office specially Microsoft PowerPoint at the time of public presentation via a Bluetooth receiver and control device. This Bluetooth presentation device might work with your laptop Bluetooth too.

iPad Air: All the best inside – Still missing something

Every-time I am thinking about iPad, what images fill my mind is beauty. From 2010, every iPad is a masterpiece of art. But 2013 iPad Air has no comparison at all. As its name suggests, the Air comes with a revamped design that sheds almost half a pound of weight, along with a couple millimeters of thickness and a significant amount of bezel area. At the same time, it maintains the same 9.7-inch Retina display that defined the last two iPads. While that's impressive enough in its own right, Apple also managed to make the device more powerful, thanks to the same A7 chip that already powers the iPhone 5s.

The iPad Air borrows a lot of the learning’s from its more popular ultraportable counterpart, Mac Air. The iPad Air shrinks all dimensions compared to its predecessors and in some cases does so quite substantially. The iPad Air does not look like any other full size iPad that came before it –– it looks like a blown up iPad Mini. The bezel around the 9.7-inch Retina display is 20% slimmer and the overall weight of the slate has been reduced to 469g, a 28% reduction from the iPad 4, making it the lightest full-size tablet on market. In the hand the Air feels feather-light, never before has a full-size tablet felt so portable and useable. Nothing else comes close to matching it in this regard.

How tough durable iPad Air is?

As you are assuming from the title of my article, I am not writing a iPad Air review. I am just trying to understand you more about the new iPad. So in the next part I quickly cover many aspects of iPad Air.

The display aboard the iPad Air remains unchanged and is the same 9.7-inch IPS setup – a 2048x1536 pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch, exactly same as the iPad 4. Whats new is Apple add a touchscreen sensor in order to ensure the iPad Air’s reduced bezel does not hamper the overall user experience. If your thumb is partially resting on the display to support the device, the Air does not register it because it knows which hand you use for business and which you use for support. It also works seamlessly, effortlessly sliding into the background of the iPad Air’s user experience.

iPad Air has the Apple A7 chipset which claims twice the performance power as the A6X, not to mention 64-bit compatibility, as well as the M7 motion-tracking coprocessor. There are some design differences as well. A pair of speaker grilles flanks the Lightning port on the bottom, instead of on the lower-left corner of the back, where they used to be. Apple used nano-SIM instead of micro-SIM in Air and it's moved to the lower-right side of the body.

Best iPad Air games

In addition to the standard Bluetooth 4.0 and aGPS/GLONASS support, you'll also get dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi, with one major difference: The Air includes MIMO (Multiple input, multiple output) connectivity, a feature that is starting to become more commonplace in tablets. This means that the iPad takes advantage of more than one antenna, allowing the device to send and receive data much more quickly.

The Apple iPad Air keeps the camera from the previous iPad - a 5MP shooter that can record 1080p video. The only thing that has reportedly changed is that the sensor has benefited from an improved backside illumination technology. The image quality is very good and better than the previous iPad. Noise is kept well under control, sharpness is good enough.

The Air comes with the latest version of iOS, 7.0.3, which is available for every device capable of running the new love-it-or-hate-it operating system. Aside from a few essential bug fixes, the refresh comes with iCloud Keychain, a feature that lets you share passwords and credit card info across your iOS devices, as well as a new Safari password generator. Otherwise, there are essentially no software enhancements that you'll be missing out on by not owning an Air.

air play on ipad

Missing iPad Features
With so much raw power inside the new iPad, I definitely look like to use it more and more. But it still has all the classic Apple problem. No USB-On-the Go (OTG), lengthy PC connectivity, no microSD support is not forgivable in 2013. And the price Apple asks for bigger storage is simply too much. You can also read how they are cutting our pocket by bigger storage version of iPad Air.

We can also want more megapixel camera in iPad, atleast 8MP. That would be nice for professional use. Another funny thing is Apple forget to include GPS receiver in the Wi-Fi-only version!

is a ipad air like a tablet

Apple took a big step in the right direction with this year's iPad lineup by equaling the mini and the Air's specs, so the only thing you need to choose is the screen size that works best for you. This puts the iPad Air in a sticky position, considering Samsung is doing great in with Note 10.1. So at the end it’s always Android or Apple. And my vote goes for Android because of unlimited freedom.

If you wanted to see the latest iPad Air price on Amazon then check this out. Amazon has the storage variants of iPad Air- 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb and 128GB. They also offers iPad Air with various US operators like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon

iPad Air cost only $274 to manufacture, leaves plenty of juice for Apple

Surely iPad Air is the biggest revolution for Apple after 2010 original iPad. It now seems the iPad Air not only lost its weight and thickness but also cut the component cost, as the new model carries a lower bill of materials (BOM) than the third-generation iPad introduced last year. An analyst firm IHS iSuppli reveals that Apple spend between $274 and $361 to make iPad.

Sapphire unveils most wanted Radeon R7 260X Graphics Card

We are waiting to see for this pic of art for the last few weeks. And finally Sapphire comes with something great. They releases mainstream R-series graphics card, Radeon R7-260X today priced $140. The new Radeon R7-260X features a GPU with 896 stream processors and is clocked at 1150 MHz. Wired to this GPU, users will find 2 GB of GDDR5 memory that runs at an effective speed of 6.6 GHz.

Sapphire's new Radeon R7-260X also has support for DirectX 11.2, as well as AMD's new TrueAudio technology with directional audio, Powerplay Powermanagement, and AMD's ZeroCore Power Tech. With AMD Eyefinity Technology, R7 260X now supports up to 3 monitors without DisplayPort connected.

As far as video output concerned, this card has the available option in the market. It has one HDMI port, one DisplayPort 1.2 port and Dual-Link DVI-D and DVI-I port. A DVI to VGA adapter is already included in the retail package.
which one is the lowest price 260x amd gpu

You can already buy this graphics card from retail shops. You can also buy this R7 260X card from online retailers like Amazon. Check out their offer now to get free shipping in US.

JetBlue offers 12 Mbps on flight free Wi-Fi in US

JetBlue, an American low-cost airline starts offering its customer free on flight Wi-Fi. JetBlue and its partner ViaSat revealed that their Fly-Fi service has finally gone public after months of testing. The base Fly-Fi service, called Simply Surf, provides Internet access via satellite at 12Mbps (1.2MB per second) to each passenger. This is more than astonishing when the highest average U.S. broadband speed is only 11.4 Mbps, in the District of Columbia. Simply Surf will be free through June 2014 as part of the service's introduction, with Fly-Fi Plus costing $9 per hour. A pricing scheme past the first six months has not yet been decided, but JetBlue senior vice president of marketing Marty St. George says his goal is to keep it free.

Only five JetBlue jets will be outfitted with in-flight Wi-Fi by the end of the year, but the airline plans to add more than 140 planes throughout 2014. ViaSat’s satellite system is different from services offered by Gogo, Panasonic, and Row44 in that it allots high-speed bandwidth per passenger instead of per plane. This means flyers are not competing with one another for a strong connection.
ViaSat’s network currently only covers the continental United State, but it will expand when ViaSat launches its second satellite in mid-2016. ViaSat director of mobile broadband Don Buchman says the system will then cover overseas flights to Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, and the flight route bridge to Europe.


How to turn off Windows Firewall annoying popup message

A firewall is a software or hardware that checks information coming from the Internet or a network, and then either blocks it or allows it to pass through to your computer, depending on your firewall settings. Even if you think there's nothing on your computer that would interest anyone, a worm could completely disable your computer, or someone could use your computer to help spread worms or viruses to other computers without your knowledge.

Microsoft forces users to buy Windows 8 by stopping Windows 7 retails sales

Windows 7 is performing very well for the last few years. Now it seems that everyone is happy except the manufacturer, Microsoft. Microsoft announced that the company discontinued the distribution of retail copies of Windows 7 at the end of October 2013. And clearly it’s a direct push for the users. They also inform us that sales of PCs with Windows 7 installed would end on October 30, 2014. You can still grab a copy of Windows 7 disc if your nearest retails store has one.

While customers are still interested in Windows 7, Microsoft is likely looking for ways to boost the adoption rate of Windows 8. According to the latest data from NetMarketShare, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 collectively have about a 9.3 percent market share versus Windows 7 at approximately 46 percent and Windows XP still holding strong at 31 percent. Also Windows 7 had a faster growth rate than Windows 8 during a four month span earlier in the year.

Here is the important part of the statement from Microsoft- We apologize for any confusion this may have caused our customers. We’ll have more details to share about the Windows 7 lifecycle once they become available. Additionally, we are confirming that the Retail software end of sales date for Windows 7 did happen on October 30, 2013.


Christmas Theme for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1

Christmas is getting close. So it’s the perfect time for dress your Windows PC for the holiday season! Over the last few years I published many themes relating Christmas always in this time of the year. This year is no different. This is a collection of 25 beautiful Christmas wallpapers in high definition size. This theme is first shared in Deviantart. I included the original Windows 8.1 theme and made a Windows 7 version of it. I am sure that you will like it. Marry Christmas.

Free Christmas theme for Windows
Downlaod Christmas wallpapers dull hd

Samsung unveils industry first 1TB mSATA SSD

mSATA is always great considering its capability and speed. But the problem is always its capacity of holding data. It looks like Samsung is able to solve the problem. They just announced today the first mSATA SSD drive of 1TB capacity. The new EVO 840 1TB SSD fits in to the smaller compact mSATA form factor, but none its predecessor's core states seem to have changed. The new SSD still promises to read at 540 MB/s and write almost as fast: 520 MB/s. Random read/write speeds are rated at 98,000 and 90,000 IOPS. And as usual it will also fit virtually anywhere you place it – be it your home PC or a laptop.

Samsung has managed to fit so much capacity into the small form factor by grouping 16 128GB NAND flash memory chips. They’re based on the 10nm manufacturing process and are separated into four packages onto the plate. Samsung also bundles the drive with the Samsung Magician 4.3 software suite, which can boost the drive to go as fast as 1000MB/s sequential read speed in RAPID mode.

Sammy hasn't released prices just yet but we guess price will be high. The 840 EVO mSATA will be available in 120, 250 and 500GB volumes as well. And Samsung is going to ship the 1TB mSATA EVO 840 SSD globally starting this month.

Source 1 | Source 2

Apple finalizing successful China Mobile deal

After 6 long years, Apple is finally able to sign a successful deal with the world’s biggest mobile phone operator, China Mobile. In China they have a subscriber base of 700 million. According to the latest report of The Wall Street Journal, Apple has struck a deal with China Mobile to officially sell the iPhone on the carrier. December 18 might be the date of iPhone launch on Chin Mobile. The Apple iPhone 5s and 5c both feature support for China Mobile’s 4G LTE network. The devices have already received regulatory approval.

Download Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Theme for Windows

Cristiano Ronaldo - without doubt one of the greatest talents of his generation and is widely considered to be, at worst, the second best footballer on the planet. Blessed with devastating pace, breathtaking ball control, a vertiginous array of tricks, the ability to strike the ball with both feet, an eye for goal, a defence splitting pass, aerial prowess and devastating dead-ball specialist; CR9 is the complete footballer.

Ronaldo used to play for Manchester United in England but was snapped up by Real Madrid for a world-record transfer fee of 80 million pounds. Ronaldo is regarded to be one of the finest footballers in today's game and as one of the greatest of all time. Ronaldo is the first top European league player to reach 40 goals in a single season in two consecutive years, fastest Real Madrid player to reach one hundred league goals, and the first player ever to score against every team in a single season in La Liga. He also holds records for most goals scored in a season for Real Madrid and most goals scored per minute in La Liga for a Real Madrid player.

This Cristiano Ronaldo theme consists 13 full HD wallpapers. Be sure to download the perfect one for your Windows depending on 7 or 8.1.

How to backup device driver in Windows easily

As a car if useless without its driver, similarly in Windows your precious device is also useless without proper software to run it seamlessly. No wonder we called it driver like our real life. If you are a computer freak or expert then I suggest you to skip this article. This article is written for the news computer of laptop owners. How often has it happened that after a hard drive format or Windows setup, you are left searching for the backup CD’s of drivers and their unavailability limits the utility of your PC? Worst case scenario is you have the knowledge to download them from manufacturers website but alas! Your network adapter isn’t working because of driver!

So up till now if you haven’t thought of backing up your drives yet, it’s time that you create one, and you can do it easily with a free tool named Free Driver Backup. While you can always Uninstall, Disable, Roll Back, and Update Device Drivers in Windows, Free Driver Backup can help you back up and save all Drivers in a click. It also backup your registry settings. This utility tool offers a convenient solution for device driver backup and their restoration in windows operating system. It identifies all the hardware in the system, extracts their associated drivers from the hard disk and backs them up to a secure location. Its only 4MB in size. You can use it in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 without any trouble.

How to use it?

Step 1. Scan Drivers
Launch Free Driver Backup and some recommended drivers will be displayed in the window. Choose one driver and you'll see its related info like device, date, version, etc. If needed, click "Scan Driver" to choose "Scan all drivers" and the program will list all the drivers installed on your computer.

Step 2. Select Drivers
Click "Select All" to choose all the drivers. The "Select Invert" command inverts the selection in the current window. That means all of the drivers which were previously selected are now unselected, and vice versa. If there was no selection before, the command selects the entire drivers.

Step 3. Backup Drivers
The program provides 3 ways to backup the drivers - "Backup selected drivers"/"Backup recommended drivers"/"Backup all drivers" and you can choose one according to you needs. You can also press hotkey F9/F10/F11 to perform the corresponding actions. Within several seconds, the backup process will be complete. Click "Backup - Browse backup folder..." to directly open the folder that stores the backed-up drivers.

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