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    Samsung start selling 110-inch ultra-HD TV for $150,000 in Korea

    Yes mate you saw it right. Newest Samsung 110-inch Ultra HD 4K tv has a price tag of $150,000. Ans its already on sale in South Korea withing days. The ultra-HD TVs are also known as "4K" because they contain four times more pixels than an HD TV. Samsung says it will eventually launch in China, the Middle East and Europe. But there’s no word on a U.S. launch. Previously, the largest U-HD TV made by Samsung was 85-inch measured diagonally. It was priced $40,000 on Amazon earlier this year.

    But Samsung and LG failed to make OLED TVs a mainstream that would replace the LCD television sets and still struggling to mass produce larger and affordable TVs with OLED. Last year, Samsung and rival LG Electronics, the world's top two TV makers, touted OLED as the future of TV. OLED screens are ultrathin and can display images with enhanced clarity and deeper color saturation. Meanwhile, Japanese media reported last week that Sony Corp. and Panasonic Corp. decided to end their OLED partnership.

    Samsung Is Selling a TV Bigger Than Your Bed for $150,000

    According to NPD DisplaySearch, global sales of ultra-HD TV sets will surge from 1.3 million this year to 23 million in 2017. More than half of the shipments will be taken by Chinese companies between 2013 and 2017, according to NPD.

    Demand for U-HD TVs is expected to rise despite dearth of content while its price will likely come down faster than that of the OLED TVs. Much of the growth is forecast to come from China, a major market for the South Korean TV makers. Chinese TV makers have been making a push into the U-HD TV market as well.

    While Chinese TV makers have been seeking to boost sales of U-HD TVs with a lower price and a smaller size, Samsung's strategy is to go bigger with a higher price tag. Samsung's 110-inch U-HD TV measures 2.6 meters by 1.8 meters. It will be available in China, the Middle East and Europe. In South Korea, the TV is priced at 160 million won ($152,000) while prices in other countries vary.

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