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    How to turn off Windows Firewall annoying popup message

    A firewall is a software or hardware that checks information coming from the Internet or a network, and then either blocks it or allows it to pass through to your computer, depending on your firewall settings. Even if you think there's nothing on your computer that would interest anyone, a worm could completely disable your computer, or someone could use your computer to help spread worms or viruses to other computers without your knowledge.
    In Windows, Firewall is always running background unless you manually turn of it. Windows Firewall can help prevent hackers or malicious software from gaining access to your computer through the Internet or network.

    I don’t encourage any of you to turn of Windows Firewall. But there’s something really annoying Windows Firewall does every time if it suspects any program for wrong doing. What the worst part of these if Firewall block your favorite game connecting through internet every time it opens due to some misunderstanding. Basically today’s games do a lot thing so Windows often makes mistake of it. What’s alarming here this Windows Firewall security message appear on your Display while you are playing and shooting your enemies.

    You have to allow Windows Firewall to access the game’s online activity permission before start playing again. You must believe it’s quite annoying. But there is always a way around. You can allow Windows Firewall to turn off all the popup messages it created for a specific application of game. Here is how you do it-

    1. At first open Windows Firewall. You can do it from Start Menu in Windows XP/ Vista and 7. In Windows 8 and 8.1 you can do it from upper right invisible search menu!

    2. At the upper left you will find the following option ‘’Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall’’.

    3. A new windows will open next. It shows the option for ‘’Allow apps to communicate through Windows Firewall’’ like below. But all the options are disabled at this point. You have to click Change Settings button enable tick feature.

    4. In this window you will find many apps and features. You can check Private or Public network or both according to your need.

    5. But if you don’t find your desired apps then click the below right Allow another app button. It will open a new window showing more Apps. You also search for any apps you wanted by clicking Browse button.

    6. Select you desired program’s .exe file only and click open.

    7. After selecting add button in the next window you can now select what kind of internet network you want to allow for the app. Here I allow only Private network for NFS Rivals, not Public one.

    That’s it. Happy Windowsing! Feel free to ask if you face any trouble to do so. This tips is almost same in all version of Windows.

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