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    HTC 8S arrives in the UK with £225 price tag

    Windows 8 phone is steadily expanding its footprint around the globe. Most of the WP8 devices are too costly to taste. But HTC 8S isn’t one of them. This phone has arrived at the UK scene and is already available in several stores. 3 UK offer is the best of all. They are offering contract free HTC 8S for £180 and free with a two-year contract starting from £17/month. Deliveries start Monday, December 10. Clove UK also carry the HTC 8S but they have put a £225 price tag on it. Expansys UK and Amazon UK both have it at £240. That's for the Blue model, though Expansys has the other color options on pre-order. If you prefer to get the Windows Phone 8S on contract but not on Three, you can head over to Phones4u, which has offers for Vodafone (£21/month), Orange (£28.50/month) and T-Mobile (£36/month). http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_windows_phone_8s_arrives_in_the_uk_with_a_modest_price_tag-news-5173.php

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