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    Luna & Metro meets to create 1 Windows 7 theme

    What operating system you are using now? According to StatCounter, 51% people all over the world are using Windows 7 now. But I am sure that you used Windows XP at least once in your life. I am not kidding! Believe me! And many of you already tasted Windows 8 surely. While I was browsing DeviantArt earlier today, I found something nostalgic and futuristic. One of the forum users, Giro54, uploads an interesting theme for Windows 7, which combines both Luna and Metro style. And I like it! It’s really wonderful to see the theme in Windows 7 desktop.
    Windows 7 Metro Luna theme is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7. There’s one more thing, the theme is non-transparent. To download it, visit the forum now.

    Things You Must Know Before Installing Theme:
    1.Many 3rd party themes are not installed properly if you dont patch your uxtheme file.Because the GUI of any themes are dependent on these file.typically it doesn't allow user to rewrite windows's original data.So Click Here to download 1 click Utility tools to patch your uxtheme file.
    2.Always create a restore point for critical visual themes in order to protect your system.
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