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    Microsoft Surface tablet will be available on October 26

    Earlier Microsoft announced that their Windows 8 operating system will be released on October 26 this year. After that many people believes Windows 8 running tablets and phones will also be released around the same time frame. It seems their prediction become 100% true after Microsoft’s latest announcement. They just revealed that Windows 8 based Surface tablet will be released system on October 26 along with OS itself.

    Surface is completely designed by Microsoft with many new innovations. There will be two versions of it, the Surface, running Windows RT on an ARM-based NVIDIA Tegra processor and the Surface Pro, running Windows 8 on an Intel Ivy Bridge processor. The Surface has a 10.1-inch HD display, whereas the Surface Pro ups the resolution to 1080p. Microsoft will also be providing a unique soft cover for the tablet that has built-in capacitive keyboard and trackpad.
    Microsoft surface vs Apple iPad 3
    price of microsoft surface
    Microsoft doesn’t say anything about the Surface tablet price yet. But we expect it starts from $499 like the iPad.

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