Google Chrome made top of the podium

Google Chrome is now the most used web browser in the world. Back on March 18 Google’s web browser managed to sneak up in front of IE, but that only lasted a few days. But for the last 15 days Google Chrome outnumbered Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continuously. The news comes from StatCounter.

Chrome’s first place naturally comes at Internet Explorer’s expense, though the results show that Firefox is also suffering losses in its user base. Google’s default Android browser has surpassed Opera Mobile and is now the most popular mobile browser.
StatCounter doesn’t measure the unique users and their browser of choice, but rather the impressions generated. Thus, those results don’t necessarily mean Chrome has been used by more people than Internet Explorer. What it most shows, however, is that people using Chrome browse more than those using Internet Explorer.

Cloud may be the next gen Graphics solution

We may all heard of Cloud computing. But Graphics in cloud is a new idea. Recently it has been announced by NVIDIA. NVIDIA plans to introduce what it is calling VGX. They decided to put its PC graphics technology in use for cloud-based graphics solutions. It basically takes NVIDIA GPUs, based on its recently launched Kepler design, and puts them into cloud servers. It should allow users to have high end graphics and software experiences even on low end PCs and tablets.

NVIDIA has also announced a VGX related solution for PC gamers too. It's called the GeForce GRID and NVIDIA says that streaming gaming services will be able to use the VGX technology to offer up high end PC games that can be streamed to work on low end machines.

The first NVIDIA VGX boards will have four GPUs along with 4 GB of frame buffer. Pricing and a release date will be revealed later this year.
You must the full PR from NVIDIA to understand everything you wanna know badly.

Q1 2012 mobile phone sales report isn’t good at all

For the last few years no matter what happens mobile phone industry is rising and rising higher than ever. But for the first time the mobile phone industry suffered a rare setback. Gartner reports that overall worldwide sales of mobile phones came in at 419.1 million units. In 2011 the unit number was almost 428 million. That's a two percent drop compared to the same time period a year ago. They also mention that this happens for the first time after Q2 in 2009. But the smartphone market is growing better than ever. Gartner said that worldwide, 144.4 million smartphone units were sold, a 44.7 percent increase compared to the same period a year ago.

There is only one explanation why this was happened. It happened due to lower than expected demand for devices in Asia and the Pacific. I have reason in mind for Asia Pacific falls. Due to the increase in USD rate some countries people are buying less foreign products in the past few months.
total mobile phones sell in 2012
In the meantime Samsung is the number one mobile phone maker with a 20.7 percent market share, followed by Nokia with 19.7 percent and Apple with 7.9 percent. And as expected Android is the number one smartphone OS for the quarter with a whopping 56.1 market share.
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