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    iPad 3 might have Ratina display with 8 MP camera

    The announcement of the iPhone 3 is a few months now, so naturally the rumor train starts to pick up speed. We hear that the iPhone 3 will have four times the resolution of the iPad 2, which apparently will be marketed under the Retina display. IPad 2 quadruple the resolution on the farm will give you the same screen pixel density of 264 pixels per inch, which on a large screen should be as good as 326ppi in the last two iPhones.

    Rumors that the camera was hand iPad your next main camera module with one of the last two iPhones - the iPhone iPhone 4 or 4S. This means that either have a 5 megapixel or 8 megapixel snapper, and if you ask us this seems credible - which probably cost you almost nothing to Apple to include modules, and has since grown to be all good relations materials public.

    The front camera is said to get your own update as well - to be able to record HD video, which will be used wisely in the new FaceTime HD video chat application.

    The minimum price you must pay for all this goodness is the thickness of 1 mm 3 are compared with iPad additional iPad 2. The new list is said to launch in March and cost as much as you do today iPad 2.

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