Canon displays 14MP PowerShot G1X with big image sensor than usual

Canon introduced the large sensor in X. compactCanon PowerShot G1 sensor His huge 18.7x14mm measures, which is larger than the Micro Four-Thirds sensor and almost as large as the APS-C sensors found in some DSLRs. What distinguishes the X G1 outside of these types of cameras is that he has not an interchangeable lens - you get the built-in 4x lens, covering the range 28mm-112mm equivalent in 35mm with a maximum aperture of F/2.8-F / a 5.6 and that's it. For the establishment of the shot, you can count on the pin 3 "LCD with 922K dot resolution.

The device measures 116.7 x 80.5 x 64.7 mm and weighs 534G. The PowerShot G1 X that geeks the camera are enjoying the 14.3MP resolution, ISO 12800 and rising to 14-bit RAW images. There is a high-ND filter and a mode of shooting HDR, too. You also get a mode selector and a front wheel for better control of the process of shooting.

The Canon PowerShot G1 X is good for movies too, not just still images - it can shoot 1080p @ 24fps videos too. The Canon PowerShot G1 X will sell for $800 next month.

OCZ shows Lightfoot external SSD drive with Thunderbolt port

OCZ opened their scoring CES 2012 by unveiling a new member of their range of SSDs. Nicknamed Lightfoot, the new OCZ uses his Thunderbolt connectivity option only. The OCZ is using it perfectly combining its high transfer speeds with large read / write speeds Solid State Drives. Thunderbolt technology has very low latency and synchronization of the exact time, making it ideal for audio / video editing from source files stored on external hard drive.

The speeds we are talking about here go up to 750MB/s according to the OCZ specs. The Lightfoot will come in different storage capacities ranging from 128GB, through 256GB and 512GB. Unfortunately, there’s no official word on the Lightfoot SSD’s pricing.

Samsung unveils Android running inTouch TV partner

The inTouch Samsung Android is a curious device that solves this problem by adding features such as Skype, YouTube to any TV with an HDMI port. It looks like a webcam and actually has a 3 megapixel camera that can be used to take photographs or make video calls through Skype 720p. InTouch has its own microphone that. A remote with a full QWERTY keyboard that is used to control the distance inTouch and for easy text entry.

With inTouch can surf the Internet and watch YouTube videos and also read the news and check out with the familiar Google applications for Android. All you need is a working Wi-Fi to provide Internet access.

A USB port lets you connect an external memory for photos, but the press release is silent on the subject to see videos with the Samsung inTouch.

The inTouch Samsung will be available in March this year for $ 199.

Lenovo introducesIdeaCentre K430 - Performance and Upgradeable touchscreen AIO PC

Lenovo announced an exciting lineup of new consumer laptops and desktops at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show, providing a variety of PCs to suit every computing need, style desire and palette preference. New models of IdeaCentre desktops range from the performance K Series to the space-saving multi-touch IdeaCentre B Series All-In-Ones.

The new IdeaCentre K430 traditional tower desktop takes performance and upgrade capabilities to new heights with powerful processing, optional dual graphics support3 and twin hard drives3 along with massive memory and storage. It packs a powerful punch with super-fast processing powered by the Intel Core Processor family and up to 32GB of DDR3 memory. For extreme gamers and those that need intensive multimedia support, the IdeaCentre K430 does the job with high-performance dual graphics cards featuring NVIDIA SLI or ATI CrossFireX technology and optional twin hard drives in a RAID0 configuration.

With the K430 users have plenty of storage space with its huge capacity of up to 4TB HDD and up to 128GB SSD storage. The K430 also comes with a custom designed portable 500GB hard drive complete with a Universal Storage Module (USM) interface dock on the front of the PC for convenience that is compatible with other USM portable hard drives. The energy-efficient Power Control Switch with three color-coded speed options lets users choose between turbo, auto and cool running modes based on the computing load.

Lenovo introduces IdeaCentre B540 & B340 high-performance touchscreen AIOs

Lenovo announced an exciting lineup of new consumer laptops and desktops at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show, providing a variety of PCs to suit every computing need, style desire and palette preference. New models of IdeaCentre desktops range from the performance K Series to the space-saving multi-touch IdeaCentre B Series All-In-Ones.

The digital home gets a sleek upgrade with the new IdeaCentre B Series AIO desktops. The B540 uniquely combines a 23 inch full HD frameless screen with state-of-the-art multi-touch and optional 3D vision for a truly powerful and interactive entertainment experience. Powered by the Intel Core Processor family and supporting an adjustable VESA mount, it provides a rich entertainment experience anywhere in the living room. The IdeaCentre B540 also features superior graphics technologies for a great gaming experience with up to NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 2GB graphics with DirectX11.

Featuring a compact design suitable for any room of the home, the B340 comes with a 21.5” full HD touch-screen display and Lenovo IdeaTouch for an enhanced range of touch-optimized multimedia applications. Along with the B540, the B340 can optionally be configured with OneKey TV4 - a unique function to turn the desktop screen into an HD TV at the click of a button, making it easy to switch between TV and PC modes with the picture-in-picture (PIP) function. Users can even watch TV without powering on the PC as the TV hardware is independent of the PC itself. These new AIOs come integrated with entertainment features, such as the Lenovo High-Sense (720p HD) Webcam for high-quality video chats, and a DVD reader or Blu-ray Disc™ drive, making them a great PC for the family.

Lenovo introduces IdeaPad Y480 and Y580 - laptops for ultimate entertainment

Lenovo announced an exciting lineup of new consumer laptops and desktops at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show, providing a variety of PCs to suit every computing need, style desire and palette preference.

For a high-performance laptop capable of handling intensive multimedia applications, look no further than the new IdeaPad Y480 and Y580. Powered by the Intel Core Processor family, these new Y Series 14” and 15” full HD display laptops satisfy the highest level of graphics and processing performance when working on intensive multimedia and gaming, featuring up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX660M 2GB GDDR5 graphics.

Entertainment abounds with Dolby Home Theatre V4 enhanced audio, JBL designed speakers and OneKey Theater II for one-touch audio-visual optimization providing clearer, brighter images and richer audio. The Y580 also supports back-lit keyboard and HD camera with night view. With an optional TV tuner and Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi) Technology users can take the advanced multimedia features to the largest screen in the house for an unbeatable and completely immersive experience.

Lenovo will launch S200 & S206 netbook in June

Lenovo has announced the IdeaPad S series Netbooks at CES 2012. The aim IdeaPad S200 and S206 of the already too crowded niche of affordable netbooks and perform decently. Both share the same 11.6-inch netbooks widescreen high-definition and measure 0.81, while inche weighing 1.3 kg at a reasonable.

The most affordable S200 comes with a dual core Intel Atom and SSD storage up to 32GB, while the juiciest S206 is equipped with a dual core processor from AMD. Lenovo says that the boys will soon be able to last up to 4 hours, but hopefully the extended batteries are available, too. Furthermore, there is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3, and a 0.3MP webcam high definition.
Prices will start at $349, but more beefed-up variations will cost considerably more.

Lenovo introduces two IdeaPad Unltrabooks at a same time

Competition for the ultrabook at CES 2012 began, and Lenovo that came with the opening of the IdeaPad U310 U410 and. The Lenovo U310 is 0.7 "thick and weighs 1.7 kg, while the U410 is a little thicker than 0.83" 21 mm and only a bit heavier, weighing 1.9 kg.

This is because the U410, as its name suggests, is the most muscular duo for their GPU. The NVIDIA GeForce 610M with 1GB dedicated memory, can not be the best on the market, but still much better than what most others offer ultrabooks. The U310, instead settle for an Intel GMA 3000 HD integrated graphics and a little less power behind your CPU.

Starting price for new IdeaPad U Series will be $699. May-June is the predicted release time for these two.

Acer announces Aspire S5 and Aspire Timeline Ultrabooks

Acer has announced two very thin and light Ultrabooks at CES. The first one is the Aspire S5, which Acer claims to be the thinnest in the world. The Ultrabook uses magnesium alloy and brushed metal for the body, which is only 15mm at the thickest point and weighs 1.35kg. It is one of the first notebooks to be announced with a Thunderbolt port and will be pairing it with USB 3.0 and HDMI ports on the back. Inside you will find Intel Core series processors, SSD storage and a PowerSmart battery pack that claims to have a life cycle which is three times longer than that of traditional battery packs.

Next up is the thin Aspire Timeline Ultra. This one combines a thin design with practical features like a DVD drive and Ethernet connectivity, along with USB 3.0 and HDMI port. It will be available in 14-inch and 15-inch display sizes and have Intel’s Core series processors, Acer’s Instant On and a battery life of over 8 hours.

There’s nothing about price yet.

iPad 3 might have Ratina display with 8 MP camera

The announcement of the iPhone 3 is a few months now, so naturally the rumor train starts to pick up speed. We hear that the iPhone 3 will have four times the resolution of the iPad 2, which apparently will be marketed under the Retina display. IPad 2 quadruple the resolution on the farm will give you the same screen pixel density of 264 pixels per inch, which on a large screen should be as good as 326ppi in the last two iPhones.

Rumors that the camera was hand iPad your next main camera module with one of the last two iPhones - the iPhone iPhone 4 or 4S. This means that either have a 5 megapixel or 8 megapixel snapper, and if you ask us this seems credible - which probably cost you almost nothing to Apple to include modules, and has since grown to be all good relations materials public.

The front camera is said to get your own update as well - to be able to record HD video, which will be used wisely in the new FaceTime HD video chat application.

The minimum price you must pay for all this goodness is the thickness of 1 mm 3 are compared with iPad additional iPad 2. The new list is said to launch in March and cost as much as you do today iPad 2.

Lenovo introduces IdeaPad Z580, Z480, Z380 - stylish & colorful laptops

Lenovo announced an exciting lineup of new consumer laptops and desktops at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show, providing a variety of PCs to suit every computing need, style desire and palette preference.

Striking the right balance of value and performance, the new IdeaPad Z Series laptops fit the bill perfectly. With the latest processor and graphics technology options, the Z Series laptops are ideal for multimedia tasks and are available in a range of dazzling colors – Amber Orange, Apple Green, Cherry Red, Coral Blue, Graphite Grey, and Peony Pink.

The Z series comes with smart features like the Intelligent Touchpad for easy scroll, zoom and rotate functions, and the Lenovo OneKey Rescue System for simple data backup and recovery. For a superior entertainment experience, the Z Series come with OneKey Theater II for one-touch audio-visual optimization for clearer, brighter images and richer sound, and up to NVIDIA GeForce GT640M 2GB graphics with DirectX 11. Available with screen sizes of 13.3, 14, or 15.6”, these laptops come with a backlit LED HD display (1366x768), 16:9 widescreen, integrated DVD reader or Blu-ray Disc drive and HD graphics support. HDMI output and Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) Technology allow for easy enjoyment of all multimedia on a large screen.

You can now play games via Game Controller in iPhone or iPad

Gametel announces support for Apple iOS devices

Wireless gaming peripheral now compatible with iPhone and iPad

CES Unveiled, Las Vegas, 8th January 2012. Fructel, a gaming peripheral company, announces the Gametel now supports iOS devices. Previously only compatible with Android smartphone and tablets, the Bluetooth controller now transforms your iPhone and iPad into portable games console, delivering a level of gameplay accuracy and immersion never experienced on Apple devices.

Compatible with Apple iPhone running iOS 4.0 or later and Apple iPad running iOS 3.2 or later, Gametel supports hundreds of arcade titles from the iCADE suite, including classics like Missile Commander, Asteroids, Centipede, Pong, Super Breakout, Lunar Lander and Warlords.

Alongside these retro titles, other selected iOS games, such as No Gravity, Silverfish, Super Crossfire HD and Terra Noctis, are also available to download from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Bo Nyman, CEO of Fructel says: “Gametel has proved popular among Android users but we’re pleased to bring support for the Apple iPhone and iPad. Now users can experience even more immersive gameplay using the Gametel’s console-style controls – freeing the touchscreen from fingers.”

Gametel connects to the device via Bluetooth while a built-in adjustable spring-loaded clamp allows secure docking of any Android handset and iPhone. Once paired the Gametel automatically connects to the device every time it is powered on.

With a familiar controller design, Gametel’s D-pad, quartet of buttons and two shoulder triggers replicate console-style gaming controls; an impressive nine hour battery life provides more than enough playing time for long journeys and weekly commutes.

Please visit for further information.


Siri uses significant data to jump your bill higher

Siri has swept the world with the new iPhone 4S and we have seen some impressive demonstrations of practices and a much greater proportion of performers. But what if we told you that using Siri could double the use of data from the iPhone 4 user humble, something that might not realize until the bill is bad .

An analysis by the network firm Arieso, the report's analysis showed that the uptake of Siri in the use of data that is two times faster than the typical use of an iPhone 4. It is important to note here that there are a number of factors that contribute to heavy data loss.

Anyway, thirst current data Siri could put you and your wallet by surprise, especially if you do not have an all-you-can-eat unlimited data plan, carriers and how it is likely that the unlimited data will become a thing of the past, perhaps before the end of 2012.

Sony introduces 32GB XQD memory card

After Compact Flash association has XQD official maps, Sony is the first company to really give you the opportunity, the Japanese only released the first two letters XQD. Sony also announced a card reader to connect disks 16GB and 32GB to your computer and an ExpressCard adapter.

But we fear that the price could come out of these cards, at least for now. The card 16 GB costs $ 129.99 pertussis, while the 32GB version costs $ 229.99. Even the card reader and ExpressCard Adapter is priced at $ 44.99 crazy.

Nikon announces $6000 tagged D4 DSLR

Two years ago, Nikon announced the D3s, which was to be their camera and light. Point the camera reference for low light performance and competition is hard to catch up to him. Today Nikon is back with its new flagship DSLR, Nikon D4, which improves the already excellent performance of low light D3s and this time makes it even faster.

Speed ​​is one of the highlights of the D4, which has a startup time of just 0.012 seconds. D4 is also powerful enough to capture full-resolution JPEG or RAW at speeds up to 10 fps with full AF / AE or to 11fps with AF / AE. The D4 also used the new 51-point advanced Nikon Multi-CAM 3500 AF autofocus system, which is said to be faster and more accurately than before. To save all the data coming at blazing speeds will need a high speed memory device similar to that D4 UDMA7 compatible with Compact Flash memory cards and new XQD.

Nikon D4 uses a full frame 16.2 megapixel FX format (36 x 23.9 mm) CMOS sensor. It has a natural range of ISO 100 to 12,800, but can go as high as 204,800, twice what he could do D3s. The best part of D3s is that even in the absurd ISO values ​​could still produce useful images and Nikon D4 states that can do the same, with high sensitivities. Nikon also uses its 3-processing engine, EXPEED image, which they claim is responsible for the faster speeds and improved performance.

You can record 1080p video 720p 60 fps H.264 30/24fps / MPEG-4 AVC. Nikon D4 will be released in February and will cost $ 5,999.95 (body only), which is much higher than the $ 5,200 that costs D3s when he was released. Nikon is the assertion that D4 is better in every way compared to D3s and if you think $ 5200 for D3s was justified, then $ 6000 for D4 should look like a robbery.
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