Best OEM Theme Collection for Laptops & Desktops

Sometimes simplicity it better than everything. That’s why today I bring you OEM themes collection. Here I have20 themes of all the major desktop and laptop manufacturers around the globe. You can use it if you wanna show everyone what you are using inside.

To install these themes just click the themefile. That’s it.

Acer Theme
download acer laptop theme for pc
Download Acer Theme

Alienware Theme
Download Alienware Theme

More to come soon.

Steve Jobs theme for Windows 7- iSteve

I’m not pretty sure about what will Steve Jobs do if he see his face on Windows computer; both alive or dead. But i am sure that many Windows users like me trusts Steve Jobs and Apple more than Microsoft. So i see nothing unsual if we use iSteve themes as our Windows theme, created by a devian art user, abd-ELRAHMAN. The CEO and Co-Founder of Apple was a truly inspirational individual who had an unnatural ability to make people want products that they probably didn’t really need. Steve changed the way we all use technology and he will be greatly missed by not only us in the tech world, but everyone. The iSteve Theme is fairly simple, just a few black and white images of Steve Jobs with some of his most inspirational quotes.
isteve theme for computersteve jobs wallpaper for desktop wallpaper
Download iSteve Windows 7 Theme

Facebook Hires Mozilla Engineering VP Mike Schroepfer

Having poached management talent from Google in the persons of Sheryl Sandberg and Elliot Schrage, not to mention Gideon Yu from YouTube, Facebook has now hired Mozilla's VP of engineering, Mike Schroepfer, as its new director of engineering.

"I'm moving on from my role at Mozilla Corporation to head up the front-end and platform development at Facebook," Schroepfer said in a valedictory blog post.
Source: Brothersoft News
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