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    New High Performance XQD card unveiled, 125MB/s write speed is now real

    The Compact Flash Association just unveiled a new high-performance memory card format, called XQD. It is based on the PCI Express specification. XQD card size is larger than SD and smaller than CF card. It measures 38.5×29.8×3.8mm, where SD card is about 32x24x2.1mm and CF card measures 43x36x5 mm.

    XQD card has a theoretical maximum transfer speed of 5Gbps or 625MB/s with write speed of 125MB/s. The impressive performance should allow the XQD cards to fully replace their CF predecessors in high-end DSLR cameras and digital full HD camcorders.
    compare xqd card with compact flash card
    XQD cards will make their official debut at CP+, which takes place February 9-12 in Yokohama, Japan. Licensing of the new format will start in early 2012. And we expect first device supporting XQD card slot launching in Q2 2012.

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