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    LG starts fighting with Acer & Asus Ultrabook with new sexy X-Note Z330 Ultrabook

    It seems Macbook Air has enough competitors at the market before the eve of 2012. After Acer & Asus, LG is in the list of Intel Ultrabook makers. Their new X-Note Z330 is a 1.21kg Ultrabook with a 13.3″ screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Just 14.7mm thick and with an extremely cool design, the Z330 is certainly among the best notebooks we ever seen.

    The LG X-Note Z330 comes with Core i7 2637M or Core i5 2467M CPU, 4GB or RAM and 120GB or 300GB SSD. The amazing fast SSD allows it to make a cold boot in the amazing 9.9 seconds. But as I remembered Acer Ultrabook is capable on 1.5 booting with Mac like instant on feature.
    lg ultrabook advantages
    The Z330 is pretty well prepared with HDMI, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 3.0 and Wi-Fi b/g/n inside. Like other Ultrabooks it has no discrete GPU here, so the Intel HD 3000, built into the CPU, will have to do all the demanding jobs for you.
    lg ultrabook vs macbook air comparison
    Price of Core i5 Ultrabook is starts from $1500 with 120GB SSD. And Core i7 version costs $2300 with 300GB SSD. Not bad but not so good. I expect these with be $1000 and $1300.
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