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    Windows 8 Developer Preview is out: Taste it now

    Microsoft just released Windows 8 ISO images for users from all over the world to the public today. Everyone will be able to download Windows 8 from the Microsoft Dev website as long as they have or create a Windows Live ID to log in.

    This is the only requirement to download the development release of Windows 8 today. Microsoft makes the release available as a 32-bit and 64-bit edition, and will include development tools and samples as well. This includes the Windows 8 SDK for instance and application samples.

    The company notes that those samples are not necessarily the apps that will ship with the operating system next year when it comes out.

    As this is an early build of Windows 8, it is not recommended that you install this on a production machine as it might not be stable enough. Also, some features in this build may not make it through to the final version of Windows 8.

    The developer preview has the build number 8102. It will ship with an early preview version (preview 3) of Internet Explorer 10 which plays a major role in Microsoft’s vision for the new operating system. Tablet users will get a special version of Internet Explorer 10 for their systems.

    A new feature that will be introduced in Windows 8 is a new task manager which has been designed for end users. Professionals and experts can display a new and improved task manager as well that offers more details in a new layout.
    whats new in windows 8
    To download windows 8 pre-beta, click on the relevant like below-
    Download Windows 8 Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit

    Download Windows 8 Developer Preview English, 64-bit 

    Download Windows Developer Preview English, 32-bit 

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