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    Google Chrome is the fastest Web Browser on the Planet

    What is the fastest web browser? The question continues for decades. For the last 10 years the crown goes to either Internet Explorer or Firefox (and Opera). But the time has changed now. Google Chrome is the fastest web browser now. Compuware’s benchmarks division has just released new data from a website measurement project whose goal was to determine what the fastest web browser is in the “real world” of desktop users. The collected data over a one-month time frame captured the results of 1.86 billion individual measurements on over 200 websites.

    Page load times are a neck and neck race between Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer 9, despite a good speedup is still behind, while Safari 5 has almost caught up with Firefox. Latest version of Google Chrome, 13 is not tested along with opera. Chrome 12 loads a web page fully in 3.433 seconds on average. However, the perceived rendering time (how long it takes to display the page, but before it’s fully loaded) for Google browser was 2.374 seconds, while Firefox 5 scored 2.18 seconds on the same test. On the high end is Apple’s Safari 4 (6.149 seconds) and IE 7 (6.006 seconds).
    page load time test for different browsers
    The project only measured load times of users on broadband connections. They use Google Chrome 10,11,12; Firefox 3,4,5; Safari 4,5 and Internet Explorer 7,8,9 for the test. am really happy to see the results. It was only a month I was using either Internet Explorer of Firefox as my primary browser. But now I am using Google Chrome. I think you must try it. Download the latest Google Chrome browser from here.

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