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    New Windows 8 Feature- History Vault

    As the Windows 8 Milestone builds are leaked, people are now having a clear idea about some of new features introduced in Windows 8. One of those is History vault. Now screenshots of this new features are being shown on several websites on the Internet.
    windows 8 history vault feature advantages
    History Vault is a new backup service that uses the Shadow Copy feature of Windows. It basically allows you to restore files from a specific date and time. It is not clear yet if users will be able to select specific directories for backup, but it is likely that they can.

    The leaked screenshot shows a timeline that can be used to select backups from a specific date. Files or folders can then be selectively restored with the help of the History Vault.

    I don't tell everything about it now. But i can tell you one thins, beside backup and restore feature i love Windows 7 file transfer system very much. Because it is very easy and flexible to use.

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