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    Internet Explorer 10 Preview on the Fly

    Microsoft only release a major upgrade of their built in internet browser, Internet Explorer 9 last month. Honestly, we don’t expect anything on this topic from there now. But on April 12 they released the platform preview of Internet Explorer for developer download. They showed it at the Mix11 review in Las Vegas. They also plans to release an update on the new browser every 12 weeks.
    internet explorer 10 download
    With the release of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft introduces a new era of website development. Websites are now in a position to take advantage of the power of modern hardware and a modern operating system. IE9 is the only browser that uses hardware-accelerated HTML5. This capability spans all graphics, text, audio and video products and sites. This will deliver user experiences that were not possible a year ago.

    So the first platform preview of IE 10 builds on the IE9 innovations, but it anticipates additional standards, such as CSS3 Gradients on background images and CSS3 Flexible Box Layout. These standards will find their way into IE10. And with that operational view point, Internet Explorer 10 will be able to push the boundaries of what developers can do on the Web even further.

    Download the 1st platform preview of Internet Explorer 10 from official Microsoft website now. Beta of Internet Explorer 10 will be released in this summer of 2011.

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    1. I will like to see how ie10 competes with other browsers. The browser war is even going to get more competitive.


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