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    How to Stop iPhone Tracking Your Position

    You might already know that iOS has offered location services from the start. It is capable of pinpointing your location using Cell-ID and Wi-Fi hotspots. Early iOS devices used Google and Skyhook databases to do that, but since iOS 3.2 Apple has been building up their own database. So collected data is annonimized and sent over an encrypted channel. But the main thing is a file(called consolidated.db) kept unencrypted on your iGadgets holds a record of all your movements from about an year ago and that file is copied to any computer you’ve synced it to and any backups you might have made.

    Which means if someone hacked your PC or grab your phone he will be knowing your position as well. For those who immediately put their tinfoil hats on, there’s an app to delete the log and prevent iOS from keeping one. This app is called Untrackerd, which can be installed on jailbroken iGadget from the Cydia software repository. It will delete the log from your device.

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    1. Detracktor.com has more information and a solution.


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