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    BlackBerry Bold 9780 Review: Disadvantages list

    BlackBerry Bold 9780 is the latest business smartphone from RIM. They released it in last October 2010. Bold 9780 is powered by 624 MHz processor by BlackBerry OS 6.0. In this BlackBerry Bold 9780 review I will notify you about its drawbacks. I hope this will help you to decide your next smart phone.
    blackberry bold 9780 india reviewBlackBerry Bold 9780 Disadvantages-
    • You must use BlackBerry Internet Service account to enjoy all phone features.
    • Display color is only 65K, which seems ugly in these days.
    • No built-in accelerometer.
    • No Wi-Fi 802.11 n support.
    • Interface of 5 megapixel camera is very much outdated.
    • Video recording quality is poor.
    • No FM radio.
    • Supports 3G but no video-call camera on front.

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